Orbán says that his party will decide after the elections if it stays in the EPP or not

Orbán says that his party will decide after the elections if it stays in the EPP or not

The Hungarian Prime Minister, the nationalist Viktor Orbán, said today in Budapest that it will be his party that will decide, after the elections to the European Parliament on May 26, whether he remains in the European People's Party (PPE) or not.

"We will decide on our future and not the EPP," Orbán told supporters and journalists at an event called to launch the electoral campaign for the European elections.

The head of the Magyar government indicated that his party, the ultraconservative Fidesz, would leave the group that has been until now his European family if the orientation of this one is inclined towards "liberalism".

If, "as you see now, (the PPE) moves to the left and towards liberalism, Fidesz will not stay," he said.

With these statements, Orbán alluded to the suspension of the Fidesz that the EPP decided on March 20 by a large majority of its assembly, considering that the Hungarian training does not respect the values ​​of the European Christian Democrats.

The decision came after several members of the EPP called for the expulsion of Orbán's party after several attacks from Budapest to Brussels.

The PPE had long been critically observing the controversial reforms of the Hungarian Government in the education system and the judicial system, as well as restrictions on the work of NGOs.

The last straw that broke the camel's back was an "information campaign" in which Budapest accused the president of the European Commission (EC), Jean-Claude Juncker, of wanting to force the countries of the European Union (EU) to welcome immigrants .

Orbán returned today to attack Juncker when affirming that the results of his presidency "are the brexit and the conflicts in the EU".

For the Hungarian prime minister, "in the elections of May our Christian civilization is played", since "it will be decided if the leaders of the EU will be favorable politicians or opposed to the immigration".

Defender of what he calls an "illiberal democracy", Orbán insisted on his position decidedly against allowing immigrants to enter Europe because they consider that they threaten European culture, and he repeated his old message against the unifying project of the EU, that " Brussels bureaucrats "want to weaken nations.

Fidesz will decide on his stay in the EPP after analyzing the results of the elections to the European Parliament, he said.

In the previous elections (2014), the Hungarian party won 12 of the 21 seats corresponding to its country, and the most recent polls predict a similar percentage in the vote next May.


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