August 9, 2020

Orange Spain launches its new strategic plan to grow in companies and boost fiber and 5G | Companies

Julio Gómez, Laurent Paillassot and Diego Martínez, in the last presentation of results.

Julio Gómez, Laurent Paillassot and Diego Martínez, in the last presentation of results.

Orange reinforces its commitment to the Spanish market. The operator has presented its new three-year strategic plan, baptized as "Orange butt", with which the teleco seeks to become strong in the business segment and bet on business around new generation networks such as fiber and the future mobile 5G.

The new plan replaces the previous program, Leadership 2020, which has led Orange in the last three years to consolidate itself as the second operator in Spain ahead of Vodafone, and become the largest growing operator in Europe. In a communication sent to employees, the CEO of Orange Spain, Laurent Paillassot, stressed that the company has captured 500 million euros in ebitda and 700 million in revenue in the last three years, which account for 100% of market growth , in a very competitive environment.

The plan is based on three axes. The first is the momentum of all brands in the residential market and conquer the market share that corresponds to Orange in the business segment.

The second axis is the consolidation “to the top of efficiency as part of the company's DNA, with industrialized processes and continuous improvement”. The teleco advocates to exploit to the maximum the possibilities of digitalization, the transformation of the systems and the sharing of the infrastructures to deploy more fiber and the future 5G. Fiber has been a clear commitment of Orange Spain, which already covers 14.6 million homes with its network.

The third axis goes through advancing more decisively in the new forms of work, deploying the new structures agile.


The company has decided to renew its organizational chart for the execution of the plan. The intention is to align the organization with the new priorities, apply more responsibility end-to-end, capture more synergies, expand the focus on the customer experience and break some silos that are still maintained.

Within the changes in the executive committee, Orange Spain will create two business areas, which will be operational immediately. On the one hand, the B2C area is created, with responsibility for the Orange, Jazztel, Amena, Simyo, Mobile Republic and World brands, which will be led by Diego Martínez, until now Director of Finance and Management Control of Orange Spain. The teleco is in the process of selecting the person who will replace Martínez, who will remain in the position in actingprovisionally.

On the other hand, the company creates the B2B area, with responsibility for Companies (soho and SMEs up to 50 employees), Large Accounts (SMEs with more than 50 employees and large companies) and the Wholesale business, one of the teleco's strategic bets . The person in charge will be Julio Gómez, until now general director of Legal, Strategy, Operators and Regulation of the company.

In addition, Orange will create two “factories”, which will be focused on achieving efficiencies and improving the customer experience. On the one hand there will be the so-called “first line” factory, with responsibility for sales and operations channels, directed by Pablo Berni. On the other, the “backbone” factory is created, with responsibility for IT and DNF, headed by Mónica Sala.

In turn, the area of ​​Strategy, New Business, Legal, Regulation and Data will be led by Samuel Muñoz, until now chief marketing officer of the teleco. Finally, the area of ​​People, Communication and Institutional Relations will continue to be led by Ignacio de Orue.

In his communication, Paillassot said that the context of the new plan is different from what it was three years ago. According to the manager, the commercial aggressiveness is greater, the global growth of the market is slowing down and the low cost does not stop growing, with a proliferation of new brands in the last 12 months. "However, I am convinced that once again we will be the fastest growing operator," he said.

Group CEO support

Back. The plan was presented by Laurent Paillassot to the team leaders, in a meeting in which both parties shared their vision of the market. In addition, each of the executives made a presentation about their respective area.

Richard. The meeting was joined by Stéphane Richard, president and CEO of the Orange group, who was accompanied by Gervais Pellissier, another strongman of the teleco, current deputy CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Orange Espagne herself, parent of the Group in Spain.

Relevance. The head of Orange wanted to endorse the importance that Spain has for the operator, which is at the same height as France in the corporate structure, and that contributes about 13% of the company's total revenues. Richard highlighted the success of compliance with the previous 2020 Leadership plan, which has led Orange to overcome Vodafone. According to the executive, Orange is the only operator, along with Telefónica, which has a complete commercial offer in the Spanish market by including televised football.

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