Orange launches a promotion with a 50% discount on the Champions League matches



Orange will offer from this Tuesday, October 2, a new promotion for attract football customers consisting of a 50% discount on the Champions League matches throughout the current season for those who hire football channels, the operator reported.

Thus, the gala company will maintain the policy of promotions in the current war by football customers, after Telefónica announced last week that it was going to stop the commercial aggressiveness after considering that it had exceeded the objectives that had been set.

To qualify for the promotion, customers have to contract football channels between October 2 and November 5.

Telephone has been made, for about 4,000 million euros, with all the contents of football, by acquiring the emission rights of the League for the residential market for the three seasons of 2019 to 2022 for 2,940 million, and buy Mediapro the rights of the Champions League and the Europa League in the residential market for the next three seasons for 1.080 million.

In July, Vodafone Spain announced that it was not going to buy its football channels from Telefónica for next season, the "Partidazo" and the Champions League, since they did not have the accounts with the current marketing model.

Both Telefónica and Orange, which did buy the contents and offer them within its television platform, publicly announced that they would try to attract those Vodafone customers who did hire football (some 350,000), thus launching various promotions.

For its part, Vodafone also launched offers to try to retain them.


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