Or you reinvent yourself ... or you reinvent yourself


«Reinvent or die», you know the saying. Well, for the case that concerns us more correctly "or you reinvent yourself ... or you reinvent yourself" Stop, let's say, stay alive later, but with a face lift. You choose. And in those are in one of the sectors, the telecommunications sector - the "bespoke service supermarkets" of the most immediate future - more interesting for those who have capital to invest. Funds. To those they call "vultures." And I do not mean those who want to enter a company via the market with the aim of staying for a while, receiving dividends, and then selling. No. I speak of the so-called "activists." Those who do enter send. Because they decide and force you to

María Jesús PérezMaría Jesús PérezChief EditorMaría Jesús Pérez


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