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Monica Naranjo in & # 039; Love with bail & # 039 ;.

Monica Naranjo in ‘Love with bail’.

The ‘reality shows‘of couples who are planted on a paradise island to test their love or fight their jealousy they hook. One says that he will not see any more, and falls as flat on his face into temptation as his contestants before the single men and women who let them loose in the villages. If in the early 2000s, Antenna 3 surprised us with ‘Blind trust’, a program that scandalized us then and is now naive, was Telecinco the one that resumed the format almost a decade later with ‘The island of temptations – which on Wednesday, 10, premieres its fourth edition—, in which there are plenty of sex more explicit and some contestants whose bodies show the ‘boom’ of surgery among a specific sector of young people. Is now the payment platform Netflix the one that gets on the bandwagon of the ‘reality shows’ of love and horns with ‘Amor con bail’, a twist with respect to the previous ones, which has a mistress of ceremonies in front, Monica Naranjo, ‘graduated’ already in these matters (‘The island of temptations 1’, ‘Monica and sex’). As of this Thursday, the 11th, all the programs can be found on the platform.

‘Love with surety’ has a title that plays with three keywords: the love (the one that couples say to profess when they arrive), the trust (something that is scarce) and bail, since the program has a 100,000 euro jackpot, of which it is discounted from 1,000 to 1,000 each time one of the members tells a lie. And hard not to do it in front of your partner. With which they are presented with the dilemma of the pasta or the couple: “And the beauty of the story is that love reigns, the couple reigns,” says Naranjo in a burst of romanticism.

But this is not the feeling that most floats through the villas of the contestants, who are initially distributed among the two farms, mixed the members of couples (not the girls to one and the boys to another). And there, to finish rolling it, they release handsome and beautiful tempting or attractive drawn from the past that will shake your principles. Although the bad vibes begin earlier: when they pass the film of their partner’s passage through the Eye Detect (lie detector that analyzes the involuntary alterations in the eye when not telling the truth). And it is found that “the lie subtracts and the truth adds”, as Naranjo explains. “Although the truth, in some cases, especially emotional ones, also subtracts,” he warns.

Because, of course, when your partner has told you that he has not been unfaithful with someone, and in addition to disappear a quantity from the pot it turns out that It is not true —I mean, yes, he has cheated on you-, the other part of the couple very well does not feel that we say. The 12 contestants who will undergo such harsh tests are Paula and Daniel, Aleix and Mar, Adrián and Laura, Kevin and Katherine, Cristina and Carles and Fran and José (with which for the first time there is a homosexual couple). That, as the presenter points out, “they have no connection to a media outlet,” which ensures more authenticity. But what will they give a lot of play, a lot of morbid and a lot of drama, which is, at the end of the day, what it is all about.

After Telecinco’s latest invention to bring together the couples who had had the most success in other editions, ‘La Último Tentación’, now it is the turn of the parent program, ‘The island of temptations’, that with his fourth season brings a new generation: five couples, some from ‘MYHYV’ or ‘GHVip’. The members of the fifth, whose identity will be revealed in the presentation of the tempters, have had a relationship in the past with one of the contestants, which will generate discomfort. Other novelties will be the inauguration of a spectacular new villa, the power veto with 24 hours of incommunicado detention to a single or single, the possibility of to activate or not the ‘light of temptation’ (the device that indicates that in the other village there are dangerous approaches) and the reunion of a couple through the looking glass: they will be able to see each other, but not to speak to each other.


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