opts for the Irish candidate to chair the Eurogroup




Austria will not support Nadia Calviño as a candidate to chair the Eurogroup, but rather the Minister of Finance of Ireland, Paschal Donohoe. This was announced by the head of Finance in Vienna, Gernot Blümel, whose argument is the need to strengthen the representation of small countries in order to distribute and manage the European Reconstruction Fund and the advisability of opting for a candidate with a higher profile « disciplined".

The election of the Eurogroup president runs parallel to tense budget negotiations and aid distribution to counter the crisis caused by the pandemic. Up to 750 billion euros will flow for the new EU economic stimulus program, and Austria fears that large countries such as Germany and France or Spain and Italy will set the tone, while smaller countries will hardly be heard. Austria calls to avoid this situation with a personal decision.

The Austrian government clearly fears that the historically unique game of poker in terms of package size will undermine the interests of the Alpine Republic and other small and medium-sized countries in the Union. "The Eurogroup will face great challenges in the coming months and years, and it is even more important that not only large countries form the discourse here," Blümel told German media, "we hope that the interests of small countries will be heard because these voices are just as important «.

"Especially when it comes to the use of tax money, you need to understand the positions of small and medium economies, and the presidency must take a neutral role in building bridges. I see both aspects well anchored in Paschal Donohoe, "said the member of the Austrian People's Party (VÖP), noting that this position will play an important role in the general outline of the recovery plan and in the implementation of the program, due to the positions that adopt the future presidency on issues of stability and fiscal rules.

"Ireland has taken a disciplined reform course in recent years and knows the challenges and challenges of European aid mechanisms, which certainly would not be a disadvantage in the current situation," Blümel said, stressing especially that the conditions that states must comply to receive aid from Brussels remain highly controversial. Like the Netherlands, the Austrian government insists on strict reform and investment requirements, the large recipient countries reject these strict conditions.

The Spanish minister has the support of two heavyweights from the euro zone such as France and Germany, whose federal chancellor Angela Merkel chairs the European Council this semester. In total he needs ten votes and attends tomorrow's videoconference with about half of them speaking.. She faces two veterans such as the Luxembourg Minister of Finance, Pierre Gramegna, and the Irish, Paschal Donohoe, who belongs to the European People's Party. The sum of the votes of his family and other right wing formations could reach 9, although not all PPE ministers will vote for him. Greece, for example, is already off the hook. Calviño would have to add not only socialist votes, but also those of the South bloc, in addition to others that she can add due to her resume and the fact that she is a woman.

Only a couple of Council officials will know the meaning of the votes. The candidates will not only not know what their supports are, but even the number. They will only know if they receive the simple majority they need to be elected. If after the first vote no one reaches ten votes, the order in which they are based on the support will be reported. At that time the third is expected to withdraw from the race, clearing the way for the two finalists and thus the final vote. The winner is confirmed by 'mutual agreement', thus respecting the spirit of consensus by which decisions are made in the Eurogroup.


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