October 25, 2020

Optical challenge: Who pursues whom? | Technology

Optical challenge: Who pursues whom? | Technology

Two points, one red and one blue, run around the plane of a port city. The challenge is not to guess the city, but to unravel who pursues whom in the constant bustle between the two figures. Removing the solution ahead will require high doses of concentration and dexterity, but above all, starting up the lateral thinking.

The Americans Ben Van Bureny and Brian Scholl, were one of the ten finalists of the contest that rewards the Best Optical Illusion of 2018. The contest is organized by the YouTube channel The Illusion contest, and the victory ended in the Japanese Kokichi Sugihara, with his work Triple Object Ambiguous. The second prize was awarded to the British David Phillips, for Optical Illusion with a Twist, while the third place went to the Britons, Michael Pickard and Gurpreet Singh, creators of The Optical Illusion of the Worm's Eye.


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