Oppositions to the Police will stop counting the spelling test as exclusive

The General Directorate of the Police will eliminate the controversial spelling test as selection test exclusive in the next oppositions To access National Policealthough this matter will be evaluated within the knowledge test.

Through a ministerial order, the General Directorate of the Police has updated the norm that regulates the bases of the calls for admission to the National Police and has modified the 1989 regulations which developed the Regulations for Entry, Training, Promotion and Improvement of Officials of the National Police Corps.

Specifically, it has eliminated the controversial spelling test as an exclusive selection test, which had been denounced on multiple occasions by the Unified Police Union (SUP) and the Spanish Police Confederation (CEP).

In fact, already in 2017 the Ministry of the Interior annulled this test due to its complexity, since the exam was made up of one hundred words, including some in disuse such as "yuyo", "champurrear" or "diumvirate".

A decision that was adopted following complaints received by the applicants to occupy one of the positions of the basic Police scale that were examined in this test, which consisted of correct in eight minutes which words from a list of one hundred were well spelled and which were not.

As reported in a statement by the General Directorate of the Police, this update will lead to a "more efficient" selection based on the principles of merit, capacity, publicity, transparency, objectivity and legal certainty through a questionnaire of questions related to the police function that are determined in the call.

The court will be in charge of preparing the set of questions for each of the subjects framed in the areas of legal, social and technical-scientific sciences and general knowledge and foreign language.

In addition, it will be the bases of the call that will determine the maximum number of eligible applicants in the knowledge testwhich will coincide with the best grades obtained, ordered from highest to lowest.

Finally, the voluntary language will be maintained in access to the category of inspector by free Opposition, different from the one chosen in the knowledge test, with which the evaluation of the mastery of the second language will continue to increase the final mark once the selection process has been passed.

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