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The coronavirus has entered strongly into our day to day. Many workers They have had to change their offices for the tables of their houses and the coffee with the companion has changed it for one with their family. But COVID 19 has not only affected the labor market. It has also devastated the calendar of oppositions. For the time being, the declared state of alarm establishes that while this situation lasts, the exams are suspended and the deadlines for processing the procedures of public sector entities are interrupted.

This affects deadlines of the selection processes (both for civil servants, labor and statutory personnel) that are underway: If there were selective processes with an open period for submitting applications, said period should be suspended, as should those processes that would have established examination dates as well. they must be deferred until the decreed measure ceases to have effect.

Since ADAMS Training they indicate that this does not mean that the oppositions are suspended. What is suspended are the deadlines, which are postponed. This will apply to the entire public sector, that is, to the oppositions of the General State Administration; the Administrations of the Autonomous Communities; the entities of the Local Administration; the institutional public sector: Public organizations and entities of public law linked or dependent on Public Administrations, public Universities, etc.

Ricardo Martín, director general and academic of CET Oppositions, wants to clarify "so that there is no panic" Among those who have been preparing for the exams for months and years, the exam has been canceled, not the public job offer. "We are not aware that any Public Employment Offer has been suspended in any of the State, Autonomous or Local Administrations," says Martín. However, it clarifies that it is possible that the calls are delayed and clarifies that the money awarded to the OPE's come from previous Budgets that are already approved and have assigned their corresponding budget line.

As indicated Gloria Oliveros, Director of Public Employment of ADAMS Training, Resolutions have already been published agreeing to the suspension of the processes as in the case of Procedural Processing, Seville Local Police, Public Finance Agents, Social Workers of the Catalan Institute of Health, Administrative Assistants of UNED, the State Administration. The Xunta de Galicia, Junta de Andalucía, Generalitat de Catalunya, Comunidad de Madrid, Generalitat Valenciana, Gobierno de Aragón, among others, have also issued resolutions agreeing to the interruption of the selective processes, which will resume when the decree mentioned with its extensions, if applicable.

How should the opponent act?

In this situation, what can / must those who are studying for some competitions do? Oliveros explains that the opponents are the ones who are really prepared to endure a quarantine. Many opponents have seen exams that they had in a few days, seconds and third exercises, were suspended near the end of the long road. Now comes the uncertainty of when they will resume.

Some centers, such as ADAMS Formación, have converted their face-to-face classes into live online classes, with the same teachers and classmates in each of the class groups. In this way, it is possible to follow the training with the help of expert teachers and to advance in the program, assisting the teachers' explanations, carrying out exercises and exam-like drills.

Ricardo Martín, from CET Oppositions, recalls that preparing an opposition is a medium-term career, so the temporary suspension of activity for 1 or 2 months is not very significant in a perspective of 1 or 2 year preparation. Therefore, he encourages all opponents to study "with more vigor if possible during these days than sadly, we all have to stay at home."

Ultimately, those who maintain their study routine will have more time to prepare. So the important thing is not to stand still. As Ana Iglesias, director of Pedagogical Coordination of ADAMS Formación, points out, "it is important to continue to maintain the pillars of preparation: organization, consistency, planned hours, healthy habits and, if possible, a little sense of humorIn addition, "we must not forget our colleagues: you can continue to contact them in many ways and the union is strength," he continues.

In this sense, Ana Iglesias reminds opponents that "everyone is in the same circumstances, no one will have more advantages than those who know how to take advantage of this time and the means that are made available to them. For an opponent, running in is the least important thing, he has a goal that motivates him to keep going and not stop. "

Martín assures that the best advice is "perseverance, optimism and trying to take advantage these days compared to those who are discouraged." Opponents must know that in a State of Law, officials are an essential link, therefore it is possible that some calls will be delayed, but it will be necessary to continue filling the places at least what is called the replacement rate, that is, it will have what to keep Calls and OPE's to cover the positions of civil servants who are leaving for various reasons: retirement, illness, leave ...


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