Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Opposition Alliance again accuses the Ortega government of breaching agreements

Opposition Alliance again accuses the Ortega government of breaching agreements

The Nicaraguan extra-parliamentary opposition gathered in the Civic Alliance accused the government of Daniel Ortega Thursday of continuing to fail to comply with the agreements reached at the negotiating table regarding the restoration of rights and citizen guarantees.

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The Civic Alliance delivered a letter to the apostolic nuncio in Nicaragua, Waldemar Stanislaw Sommertag, and to the former Minister of Defense of Uruguay, Luis Ángel Rosadilla, who participate as witness and accompanist of the process representing the Vatican and the OAS General Secretariat, respectively. in which the defaults are detailed.

The document exposes new events that occurred on April 1 and 2 that, in their opinion, violate signed agreements.

In the first case, a group of "paramilitaries" on board motorcycles and armed attacked the house of the family of Dr. María Eugenia Alonso, who belongs to the Committee of Victims of Repression in the city of León, 90 kilometers northwest of Managua

"The attack was carried out in the presence of the Police and is within a siege scheme of several months towards the Alonso family," he noted.

The second case was about Leo Navarrete, a released "political prisoner" who was arrested without a court order when he arrived at a court hearing in the city of Managua.

Likewise, the Civic Alliance denounced that the written media have not received the supplies as ink paper and others, which have been withheld for six months in the General Directorate of Customs.

Therefore, he considered that the Executive continues to violate agreements to strengthen citizen rights and guarantees, signed last Friday.

"Failure to comply with the agreements removes all credibility to the dialogue, the Government must comply with them and we also reiterate the urgency of having credible international guarantors, as agreed," said the Civic Alliance.

He also considered that the issue of guarantors is vital for the credibility of the negotiation process, specifically for the fulfillment of agreements.

In this regard, he indicated that to date the Government has not shown signs of seriousness for the appointment of guarantors and by failing to comply with the agreements signed, the negotiation process does not generate credibility before the citizens.

The Government of Nicaragua and the opposition Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy concluded on Wednesday the negotiating table to overcome the crisis that erupted almost a year ago, without consensus on the issues of justice and democratization, although they left the door open to continue the conversations.

The delegates of the Executive requested a time to reflect on both issues, while they advance in the elaboration of the protocols on the agreements reached regarding citizen rights and guarantees and the liberation of the so-called "political prisoners".

Nicaragua suffers a serious crisis that has left 325 dead since April 2018, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH), although some groups raise to 568 the fatalities, while the Executive only recognizes 199 and denounces an attempt of coup.


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