March 1, 2021

Opponents without seats ask CC to comply before the change in Government – The Province

The collective Opposers and Teachers of the Canary Islands (Opcan), representative of 365 teachers approved in the public offer of employment of secondary education and professional training of 2018 but without assigned places, claimed this week to Government of the Canary Islands, directed by the Canary Islands Coalition, which ensures its incorporation into the educational centers for the 2018-19 academic year before its replacement by the pact of the Socialist Party, Sí Podemos, Nueva Canarias and Gomera Socialist Group after the elections on May 26.

Not in vain, "the Parliament of the Canary Islands approved a budget law for 2019 in which one of the objectives was that the 2018 opposition candidates were called to work, restoring their right of access to teaching, in the 2019-2020 academic year with the reform of decree 74 / 2010, but the government of Clavijo decided not to comply, "lamented Opcan after considering that CC" looks the other way. "In fact, the teacher association recalled that they asked the president autonomic, in a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Education and Universities, the unlocking of the lists of teaching employment in conditions of equality, merit and ability "before leaving the Government", in addition to waiting for an opinion of the Consultative Council.

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