Opponents without a seat accuse the Minister of Education of "ignoring them" – The Province

Opponents without a seat accuse the Minister of Education of "ignoring them" - The Province

The Opposing Canaries and Teachers Platform (Opcan), formed by the teachers who approved the last process of opposition in secondary but who did not obtain a place, has called "very disappointing" the meeting held during this week with the Deputy Minister of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands, David Pérez-Dionis. Also criticizes the response given last Tuesday by the Minister of Education Soledad Monzón at Parliament of the Canary Islands. "The government ignores us and does not provide any alternative," he complains.

These professionals, 365 people affected by the blocking of the Education employment lists, which, they say, would relegate them to the end of the same despite having passed the selection process, have lamented that "after more than two months of talks, the Government seems to wash their hands and, even recognizing that the blockade generates a unfair situation, seems completely insensitive to our situation, unable to provide any solution to try to integrate this group in the educational system of the islands, and only seems worried about running to relegate us to the bottom of the lists.

In this regard, Opcan points out that the list expansion that is being carried out by Ministry of Education only makes "advance an injustice" because, by relegating them to the bottom of the employment lists many approved opponents will continue years without being able to access the educational system as teachers.

According to Opcan, "the different promises and public statements of positions of the Executive, including the president himself Fernando Clavijo, assuring that a solution would be sought in the face of the relegation of the opponents of 2018, for the time being they have come to nothing. "

Despite this, the platform "trusts in being able to directly dialogue with the president". It also expects to be sent an alleged legal report commissioned by the Ministry on the options to try to "amend" what Opcan considers a violation of the constitutional principles of merit and ability to access public office. "A report," he says, "that they have not even received, along with the negative response given this week by the top leaders of the Ministry."


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