Opositora Machado asks Bolsonaro to lead external "pressure" against Maduro

Opositora Machado asks Bolsonaro to lead external "pressure" against Maduro

Venezuelan opposition leader María Corina Machado asked incoming president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, to lead a greater "international pressure" against Nicolás Maduro to make him "understand that the transition to democracy is imperative in the Caribbean country.

"We see in his next government an opportunity that goes beyond the borders of Brazil, since his message is projected towards those countries of Latin America where dictatorial regimes intend to eternalize in power, as is the case of Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela, "Machado told Bolsonaro in an open letter released today.

"In Venezuela we face a criminal State that is not willing to surrender power by good and that will only give in to the coordinated pressure of internal and external forces that oblige it to understand that the transition to democracy is imperative," the ex-deputy continued. in the missive.

In that sense, Machado said he was confident that Brazil's leadership in the region "will help to stimulate the solidarity and responsibility for international protection" that Venezuela considers necessary, where the citizens, he said, suffer "repression, censorship and use of brute force ".

Relations between Venezuela and Brazil, former political allies, have been tense since the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff and the rise to the presidency of Michel Temer – in 2016 – whose government has been critical of Maduro.

As a candidate, Bolsonaro, a 63-year-old extreme right-wing ex-military, came to criticize the leftist governments of the region, including Maduro, and in recent days the Brazilian revoked the Venezuelan's invitation to his inauguration. , alleging that the leaders of "regimes that violate the freedoms of their people" will not be in their investiture, scheduled for this January 1.

Maduro, on the other hand, said in early December that the Brazilian government was involved in a plan allegedly prepared by the United States to assassinate him and overthrow the so-called Bolivarian revolution, which has been in power since 1999.

Last October, Bolsonaro said he would not support an armed intervention against Venezuela because "Brazil will always seek the peaceful way to solve the problems."


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