May 17, 2021

Operation Triunfo 2020 – Viral | ‘Seven Wonders’, the song with a Canarian accent of ‘OT 2020’ – La Provincia

TheGrancanaria Estefanía Correia, better known asGirl, continues its journey through theAcademy of Operation Triumph. In a class of Manu Guix, musical director, he revealed how he would like it to be one of his concerts once his tour of the program ends. Among so many things you will have to have a little break to take a Tropical and some potatoes with mojo. Of course, accompanied by Latin rhythms, an African air

The artist, who is also one of the best valued in the program by both the faculty staff and the public, demonstrated her talent by singing the song ‘Seven Wonders‘, with clear rhythm and Canarian flavor.

The song, which the professor and his classmates liked, has already gone viral.


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