July 29, 2021

'Operation Triumph' in the Supreme Court | TV

'Operation Triumph' in the Supreme Court | TV

The country is reborn with the mortgage soap opera, but what really angers is the presumption of tongo Triumph operation. If the revolution breaks out and the crowds begin to decapitate people as Valle-Inclán wanted, he always advocated installing an electric guillotine at the Puerta del Sol (and he insisted a lot on the electric, maybe because he was stubborn and tired climbing up and lowering the blade manually), the first to climb the scaffold will not be the magistrates of the Supreme Court, nor the owners of the banks, nor the tax collectors. Popular justice will soon fall on producers of OT.

It has its logic. The Supreme Court and the Government, after all, are there to disappoint us. Its function is to give to speak in the gatherings of the morning and reasons to curse. A morning relief that does not inspire revolutions, pacifies them. After blaming everything on the ineptitude of state institutions, we left home knowing we were exemplary citizens. Like a teacher I had, he said that the portraits of Stalin and Hitler hung from his living room because seeing them each morning raised his spirits: compared to those, he said, I'm a great guy.

However, of OT, and of show business In general, we expect decency. We know that everything is paripé and script, but we do not forgive him for letting us see the tramoya, in the same way that we get angry when in a Roman movie a gladiator wears a wristwatch. The Supreme can be a disaster, but OT, do not. Do not misunderstand me: we already know that on TV there is nothing spontaneous, that they are all actors playing a role, but we can not bear to be told, because it is like turning on the lights of a nightclub at the best of a party. And that certainly deserves capital punishment.


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