May 14, 2021

Operation Balmis continues with 7,321 troops in 231 locations

The head of the Defense General Staff, Miguel Villarroya, has said that Operation Balmis maintains 7,321 troops this Saturday in 231 locations, which, among other tasks, will carry out disinfection tasks in the Ifema, MercaMadrid, MercaBarna and MercaAsturias premises.

Villarroya added that disinfection will also be carried out in nine hospitals, 31 health centers and 58 nursing homes, as well as in the Alahurín de la Torre (Malaga) and Morón de la Frontera (Seville) penitentiary centers.

Disinfection work is also planned, among other facilities, in the Orihuela industrial estate (Alicante) or in the Valencia Comprehensive Security Center.

As for the work carried out by the Royal Guard to collaborate in Operation Balmis, it has highlighted the disinfection of nursing homes or in the emergency areas of Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid.

It is also active in the area of ​​logistical support and has linked the Madrid Food Bank with the El Henares Corridor, and with various parishes and social organizations for the distribution of food among the most disadvantaged. To date, he said, they have moved more than 60 tons of basic products.

In addition to supporting the Military Emergency Unit in the transfer of patients between different health centers in Madrid, some of the Royal Guard nurses have temporarily joined the staff of the Gómez Ulla Hospital in Madrid to reinforce it.

The JEMAD, on the other hand, has indicated that it wanted to join, “with the rest of the Armed Forces to the tribute that the Spain of the balconies” pays every afternoon to the “heroic” health personnel “.


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