Operación Triunfo: 'OT 2018' gala 2: Nightmare at the amusement park | TV

Operación Triunfo: 'OT 2018' gala 2: Nightmare at the amusement park | TV

In American films, for a character to remove his glasses only means one thing: he will reveal that all this time he has been beautiful without us noticing and he will become a winner. But this is not another stupid American movie, but another stupid one reality show and Alfonso has taken his own to end up being expelled with one of the highest percentages in the history of Triumph operation: 78.8 Ana Torroja is not and in her place, as if from a thriller supernatural is treated, Rosana appears letting escape the opportunity to include the wife of Juan Antonio in the jury and start all your valuations with "look at a little thing I'll tell you". Nothing will make sense tonight, to the point that Rosana will end up being our constant, something that did not happen since the summer of 1998 when The talisman It was the only song that played in municipal swimming pools across the country.

Roberto Leal, who is in a good mood but will end (spoiler) with a humor of dogs, congratulates the birthday to his chihuahua Pepa and the boyfriend of Sabela gives the first kiss with tongue of OT since Alejandro Parreño's girlfriend was raised 17 years ago. The video that precedes the moving performance of Sabela is basically her hugging people and celebrating her birthday with a churros cake. A cake. Of churros. No matter what happens in the next 14 weeks, Sabela has already won. But Alfonso and Sabela have not been more than the opening act of the true star of the night.

Expelled from Fame. First expelled from OT 2017. And singer of the best song out of OT since You're going to drive me crazy Natalia: Mimi is a fable of overcoming. Mimi, as they said in Showgirls "When he is dancing, he is all pelvis", he loses air at 17 seconds but it does not matter because his song has no refrain. That does not stop him from lasting 12 minutes, after which Roberto Leal exclaims "what a beautiful song!" making it clear that he has taken this time to go to the bathroom.

'OT 2018' gala 2: Nightmare in the amusement park

As Noelia arrived declaring her love for soul, they gave her a rumba. That is to endure, that's what Andalusian is for. But as it has a stratospheric voice, it sings pure joy in a tone that could be heard in Trappist-1, just where the wigs of all the spectators end.

A video shows Carlos Right riding a joke that consists of making everyone dress in white for a fake Ibicencan party. How funny. Marta defines it as the best joke of her life (but what kind of life has Marta had?) And then OT we spend the worst joke of ours: Africa and Maria pretending to be black singing Friends. In tracksuit. And we already know what that means. Poor Africa is one of those people who, when they want to express attitude and empowerment, make a face that their nose has been blocked and both are nominated as soon as the song ends. At the end Roberto Leal confirms, adding one more date to the tour of OT 2017, that the contestants of that edition live trapped in a dystopia.

'OT 2018' gala 2: Nightmare in the amusement park

Miki and Alba sing My soul with a staging (a piece of wood thrown in the middle of the stage) in which David Lynch would shoot three entire films and with them begins a true horror movie starring the public and Roberto Leal. Each time the presenter gives way to a video a girl takes the opportunity to shout from the pit "GUAPO!" as if they were strangling it to the point that it seems like a transition sound effect for the videos. Even when the video tells the visit of a bat to the academy (which the contestants receive as if a sniper had entered) someone takes the thousandths of a second of transition to shout "MARILIA WINNER !!". The video of the Javis causing half of the contestants to cry obviates the moment that social networks criticized for their sadism (Alba suffering a panic attack while Javier Ambrossi suggested that she take it out dancing), but we see a vestige of horror when Marta he starts crying and Ambrossi exclaims in ecstasy "if this is what we want to see". Triumph operation It has been many things for almost two decades, but today is flirting with the snuff movie

Because the attitude of Roberto Leal, a guy who is known for driving the galas at cruising speed, enrarece the atmosphere every time he addresses the public. "It would be a little uncomfortable to see an interview and not be heard the questions," he reproaches the attendees winking with a passive-aggressiveness that is the equivalent in public television to "that you devil streets of the cojones" that is screaming meanwhile Aramis Fuster on Telecinco.

Joan Garrido and Marilia, who are not finding out anything, sing Another Day of Sun not like two pop stars, not even two singers of an orchestra at parties, they sing it as a couple at their wedding to open the banquet. And the public reacts like the guests of that wedding: uncomfortable, applauding at the wrong time and smiling nervously if a camera is being recorded.

'OT 2018' gala 2: Nightmare in the amusement park

Damion and Famous sing Let her dance, a song that begins with "today that the Earth is not flat" and it was time for Televisión Española to opt for scientific dissemination. Natalia and Marta sing Tainted Love making it clear that they are empowered women because they push their dancers (that was already done by Norma Duval in the eighties) and at this point of the program (approximately, at 4 in the morning) Roberto Leal has already become a mobster who only needs to stretch the arm up for the entire audience to shut up. To finish what was probably the strangest gala in the history of OT, something unexplainable happens: Julia and Carlos Right sing My story between your fingers (interlacing the fingers, of course) and the moment she enters the chorus OT 2018 It seems to wake up suddenly. Terrassa lights up. The angels turn their heads. Julia has just given us the first moment of drama in this edition and, suddenly, Julia could win this contest.

Alfonso is not going to win it and that became clear from the first time he sang "it's not you, it's not you, it's not you, it's me" a week ago. At 00.35 in the morning we watched Alfonso embrace his 15 companions one by one and Roberto Leal gives way to the nominations but not before complaining: "You are giving me one night, really." OT is a musical program that however today seems like a chapter of Black Mirror, an x-ray of how reality TV is losing a man's head. A story of a presenter starting to hate his own program. And perhaps the tragedy is not such, simply Leal has made us malcustomed to be the most affable, most patient and most positive person of the current television.

'OT 2018' gala 2: Nightmare in the amusement park

And speaking of positivity, Mimi was having the night of her life until Julia Gómez Cora utters a few words that will appear quoted in her obituary: "Mimi is not a dancer, but she believes it." It is a free attack. It is a story with dramatic turn. It is to stick a dagger, wait a few seconds, and turn it. At that moment Mimi becomes Dakota of Eldest brother Y he replies on Twitter: "Madam if I were not a dancer I could not do what I just did". And so ends a night in which nothing really happened and at the same time everything has been disturbing: his tweet is the translation in the dialect of public television of what Telecinco says "I wear it elegance, old, bitter "

And speaking of elegance, the realization of this gala has decided that the protagonist, winner and trending topic be the ass of Joan Garrido. It's as if that ass was a contestant more (it comes on the screen more than Famous), because the fondness of Joan to wear pants that are not of his size makes it end up being the most talked about the gala on social networks. This only confirms that something strange has happened tonight. But who dares to point out what has been? Roberto Leal will probably appear to send you to silence.


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