Open day at museums to celebrate their big day

The Museums of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria today celebrate International Museum Day with an open day, concerts, workshops, visits and round tables in different museum centers dependent on the Ministry of Culture. Coinciding with the day, the Ministry of Culture also launches an advertising campaign aimed at social networks to encourage the public to visit them and enjoy the cultural heritage they guard.

These are specific activities to celebrate this Day and which are included in the intense May-Museums cultural program that will run until mid-June in seven centers.

Columbus House

On Museum Day, the Casa de Colón, in addition to having free admission, plans to present a virtual reality 3D glasses project at 11:00 am, a 360º experience to experience History in the first person. Journey to the Unknown represents the first trip to America in virtual reality and allows you to get on board the Santa María and accompany Christopher Columbus on this adventure. In the afternoon, at 7:00 p.m., this Americanist center hosts a Cubakan concert, a project by Cuban and Canarian artists in which the traditional music between Europe and Central America is reflected, taking the Canary Islands as a strategic point in the ships that they were crossing the Atlantic.

The online places for this concert are already sold out, although the Casa de Colón has reserved a percentage for the registration in person at the entrance of the activity, which will be delivered in strict order of arrival until the limited capacity is completed.

Antonio Padrón House-Museum

For its part, the Antonio Padrón House-Museum-Center for Indigenous Art of Gáldar hosts, at 7:00 p.m., a round table with the artist Cristóbal Guerra, which exhibits La ciudad superposed. The temples and columns of knowledge in this museum center and which can be visited until May 30.

Guerra is one of the most prominent visual artists of his generation on the island scene, and one of the great collaborators of this center, who will be the protagonist, together with Antonio Padrón, of these meetings framed in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of this House -Museum.

This activity will be complemented on May 21, at 7:00 p.m., with a dialogue table in which the curator and art critic Christian Domínguez Dietzel will dialogue with the artist Cristóbal Guerra. The La Fortaleza Archaeological Site Interpretation Center collaborates in this event.

Pérez Galdós House-Museum

On the other hand, the Pérez Galdós House-Museum has made a digital edition of Benito Pérez Galdos's stories Where is my head ?, The conjuration of words and The novel in the tram, illustrated by Agustín Casassa, thus adapting to the changes in the reading practices of current generations.

It has also made two new educational activities available to students and groups, consisting of a video with animated vignettes and a digital exhibition to disseminate the work of the famous writer from Gran Canaria.

Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park

Also joining this festive day is the Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park, which in addition to free admission, has designed activities to celebrate International Museum Day throughout the week.

Thus, today it celebrates the Conectamos learning experience, an initiative aimed at schoolchildren of different educational levels that aims to connect students with two of the four objectives proposed by ICOM for this year's celebration of International Museum Day: the sustainability and interculturality. From today it also starts the Objective activity: climbing the meridian, an intercultural workshop with natural dyes by the Fedac dye weaver, Ulrike Güse, to create travel backpacks with designs of African and Canarian culture, and inspired by Painted Cave. It is a free initiative, with limited capacity, aimed at social groups, welcoming migrants, and secondary school students, upon reservation.

Audiovisual promotion campaign

In addition to the activities planned to celebrate this International Day, the Museum Service puts on an audiovisual campaign aimed at the recovery of museum audiences. With the aim of encouraging citizens to visit the centers in a safe environment once the state of alarm has ended, nine audiovisuals will be broadcast to be broadcast on the institutional profiles of social networks until June.

The common thread of these videos is raising awareness about the value of the heritage that museums house. For this, it has been chosen to establish a dialogue between a selection of works of art or museum spaces and rooms with the six artists Aniba Liricida, Francis Naranjo, Daniela Arzarello, Rebeca Nuez, Enrique Mateu and Capi Cabrera, which has resulted in the production of new creations from a contemporary perspective.

Awards at the Canarian Museum

The Canarian Museum celebrates International Museum Day by opening its doors for free, in strict compliance with the measures against covid-19. Visitors who come to El Museo Canario will be able to enjoy all the digital resources that have been launched in recent times, such as virtual visits and 3D pieces, which take advantage of technological advantages to offer additional and novel information about the content of the permanent exhibition. In addition, the institution will make available to the public the assistance of a specialized guide who will answer questions and queries from visitors. In addition, the 2021 Gregorio Chil y Naranjo Research Award will be given to Víctor Perera Mendoza and the Loyalty Awards to Cristóbal García del Rosario and Manuel Herrera Hernández.


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