March 1, 2021

Open Arms urgently asks for a safe harbor to take 121 immigrants

The Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms today called "urgently" for a safe harbor to take to the 121 immigrants who were rescued in the central Mediterranean and who are still on their ship due to Italy's refusal to allow it to land.

"One more night on board and we continue without authorization to disembark the 121 people we rescue. Their life stories are devastating. No one should go through that. It is urgent and a priority to have a safe harbor," Open Arms reported on Twitter.

His ship, in international waters off the Italian island of Lampedusa (south), welcomes 121 immigrants saved in two different operations in the Mediterranean when the boats in which they were traveling were in trouble.

The first rescue was on Thursday, when 55 immigrants were saved, including two twin babies and a pregnant woman, just when their boat was "about to shipwreck" and water entered, explained the founder of the NGO, Oscar Camps.

The second was in the middle of the night and 69 people were rescued and welcomed aboard, between these two children and two pregnant women and "one of nine months with contractions", and many with "unequivocal signs of the violence suffered in Libya", of where they set sail

However, last night, the Italian Coast Guard evacuated two women in an advanced state of gestation and the sister of one of them since their fetuses were poorly placed and, if giving birth in the boat, there could be problems.

The Spanish city of Valencia (southeast) has offered to host the Proactiva boat and the autonomous community of Extremadura (south) to collaborate in the reception of immigrants.

The European and insurance countries closest to those who move these people are Malta and Italy, although they keep their ports closed to the NGO ships.

In Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has already communicated the ban on the vessel entering territorial waters of the country. "To want is power. In Italy you don't enter without permission," he tweeted yesterday.

The ultra-right minister, which maintains a policy of closed ports to NGOs, which he accuses of favoring irregular immigration, is the driver of a decree that provides fines of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros to violate that provision.

On the other hand, the Spanish authorities prohibit Open Arms from resuming the active search for endangered barges, limiting its activity, and on July 4, the Merchant Marine warned that it would face fines of up to 900,000 euros if it violated its request.

Next to Open Arms in the central Mediterranean was also the ship "Alan Kurdi" of the German NGO Sea Eye, with 40 immigrants on board who could finally arrive in Malta last night.

The prime minister of this small European island state, Joseph Muscat, announced that these immigrants would be allowed to arrive at their port after agreeing to relocate in other European countries with the German Government and the European Commission but none of them would stay in the country.

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