Open Arms requests Malta medical evacuation of a newborn

Open Arms requests Malta medical evacuation of a newborn

The Catalan NGO Proactiva Open Arms has today requested to Malta the urgent medical evacuation of a newborn rescued yesterday by the rescue operation in the central Mediterranean and who spent almost 24 hours at sea after being born two days ago on a beach in Libya .

The flagship of Open Arms rescued yesterday about 300 migrants who were in three boats in the Central Mediterranean, reported yesterday the director of the NGO, Oscar Camps, in his Twitter account.

Camps also reported today through the same account that one of the women who had rescued "gave birth two days ago on a Libyan beach" and that "they have spent almost 24 hours at sea until we have rescued" although " the odyssey does not end here "he highlighted.

"We have just asked Malta for urgent medical evacuation of the newborn, its short life is in danger, or you save a life or shut up a death," Camps said, who has accompanied the tweet with a photograph of the newborn and his mother.

The NGO ship sailed from Barcelona (Spain) a few days ago to return to the Central Mediterranean in accordance with an alliance with other organizations to save lives again despite the fact that the Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has stated on numerous occasions that It will not let immigrants disembark in the ports of their country.

"Just 24 hours after our arrival in the Mediterranean, Open Arms has just rescued two boats in danger of sinking at sea, more than 200 people, men, pregnant women, children, babies … In the Mediterranean there is no Christmas," he wrote yesterday Camps.

Hours later, the director of the NGO published a second message in which he reported the rescue of another 90 people in a third vessel.

"This time 29 women, 5 children and 56 men, some minors, signal the success of the policies of silence, or save lives or shut up their deaths," he said.

Now again the problem will arise for the NGO of where to disembark the almost 300 immigrants, since Salvini will not be willing to authorize the arrival of the ship to Italy.


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