Open Arms is in danger due to lack of financial resources, according to its director

The founder and director of the NGO Proactiva Open Arms, carscar Camps, has warned that this organization is in danger due to the lack of financial resources and has asked for urgent help in order to face the repairs of the old Open Arms ship or to buy one new.

Camps has called on Monday the RAC-1 station from the Open Arms, which on Friday made two bailouts of 118 people in the central Mediterranean and is waiting to be assigned a safe port to land them, to alert that "the continuity "of the ship" is at risk ".

The founder of the NGO has assured that right now it is "unfeasible" to continue with the bailouts for a "security" issue since the ship they use, the Open Arms, is an old tugboat built in 1974 and remodeled as a rescue boat , which has been sailing more than 59,000 miles in just two and a half years and needs expensive repairs.

"The continuity of Open Arms is at risk. A day and a half ago we are repairing this ship in the middle of the sea, in adverse conditions. Now we will disembark and we will have to wait for a repair that we cannot face," Camps explained.

"We have made repairs with 118 people on board, in the middle of the sea. It is unfeasible to continue like this for a safety issue. The ship is about 47 years old and as it is it cannot cope with continuing to rescue shipwrecked people. Continuous repairs no longer they give for more. Every time we leave port, it takes time for repairs, "he added.

Oscar Camps has stated that they are kept "with citizen donations and we need money to maintain the ship or, in the best case, buy a new one to continue rescuing people at sea."

"In two and a half years the ship has traveled about 59,000 miles, which would be about three times around the world, and we have rescued more than 6,000 people," said the director of Open Arms.

To defray the expenses of the NGO, "it would be good," he said, "that 200,000 Catalans could give between 10 and 20 euros because we need resources. If not, we cannot continue."


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