Opcsa demolishes one of its cranes in the port of La Luz and Las Palmas

The company is renovating its facilities

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Palms of Grand Canaira

Paceco ST002 crane retires of the OPCSA international container terminal after more than 25 years of activity, since it was acquired in 1993 and was working until 2020 after being rehabilitated.

The operation of
machine scrapping It is done this Saturday in a spectacular demolition operation carried out by the specialized company O ́Brien Demolition.

Crane 2 was the first to be installed at the Opcsa terminal and has made a total of 1
.176,233 movements during the 59,742 hours in which it has been operating.

For the scrapping of the
crane 2 Opcsa technicians They studied the two most common options to carry out this type of operation with all the security guarantees, in a reasonable period of time and without affecting the operation.

The first of these was the
dismantling with auxiliary cranesand the second was
dejection checked. It was considered that the first option entailed more risks, so the second was chosen: weakening the structure of the crane at strategic points, creating a bed of sand to cushion the fall and lowering it using a bulldozer and a steel key. , as has been done, for example, in the
South Pacific terminal in Valparaíso.

The force generated by the impact of the crane will be a
55% less than the force generated by one wheel of the 80-tonne container lifting machines operating at the terminal.

Opcsa is in the process of renovation of the machinery, since in the last three months it has invested a budget of two million euros to acquire new tractor heads, elevators and reachstackers of the latest generation to improve its exploitation and international transshipment operations. The arrival of two MalaccaMax cranes, the largest in the market due to their size and capacity, is scheduled for August next year, and will come into operation in October 2023.

Opcsa will take a giant step in the
renewal of the machinery park of the terminal with the acquisition of these new MalaccaMax cranes, which far exceed the Post Panamax type cranes that the terminal has.

She was awarded the
Roque Nublo award from the Cabildo de Gran Canaria for his contribution to the economic activity of the island. The distinction recognizes the continuous work of the container terminal to place Gran Canaria in the international logistics world at the hands of Terminal Investment Limited (TIL).

The largest container terminal in the Canary Islands recently received authorization as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) from the Department of Customs and Special Taxes after a long process of adapting the terminal, coordination and auditing.

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