May 11, 2021

‘Onvivo’ breaks the fourth wall at home

The first theatrical production that Onvivo premieres this afternoon, at 8:30 p.m., offers a beautiful poetic dramatization around the insularity entitled Nacer en el mar, performed by the actresses Marta Viera and Ruth Sánchez under the direction of Mario Vega and inspired by their previous theatrical montage, Todo el cielo. Its staging interweaves the theatrical format and audiovisual language through the live representation of the two protagonists in the nakedness of the chroma and its cinematographic coating with visual and sound resources, which the public enjoys live through the screen from his house.

For both actresses, virtuous and versatile talents who, in recent months, have put faces to the refugee women of Moria and to multiple characters from the Galdosian imaginary, the challenge lies in the multiformat nature of Onvivo. “The language is totally different on the set,” says Marta Viera. “In the theater there is an encounter and a response from the audience, which serves us many times as a reference from the stage, but on the set there is no immediate response, but we work for a vacuum”, reveals the actress, who adds that “they are very different jobs, but very interesting.” “Our challenge now is to learn to transmit and count through the cameras where, unlike the theater, where you try to reach the last row of the last amphitheater, suddenly there is a very close-up where you say everything with a glance,” he says.


‘Onvivo’, the first performing arts platform, created in Gran Canaria
Jose Carlos Guerra

Likewise, Nacer en el mar takes its title from the homonymous poem by the Majorera poet María Valerón, which inaugurates a sensory scenic journey through the poetic history of the Canary Islands through a selection of poems by the verifier Yeray Rodríguez. “There is a pleasant and noisy emptiness in the very center, a living shipwreck of new wrinkles, a flare where the lighthouse shines”, reads the first poem. The journey surfs the verses of Mercedes Pinto, Pedro García Cabrera, Arturo Maccanti, Elsa López, Manuel Padorno or Rafael Arozarena, among others, on an egalitarian map that includes voices from the eight islands. “The common axis of the poems is insularity and loneliness, not only from the geological point of view, but also from the human point of view,” says Mario Vega. “From there we have created a dramaturgy where the different poems are woven through the idea of ​​the island, from a point of view of universality”.

This poetic imaginary is clothed with visual backgrounds and sound resources from the islands, such as the sea, pines or banana tree greenhouses, as well as imaginary non-places, with a soundtrack by the musician Carlos Oramas and the costumes by Nauzet Afonso, inspired by the lines and geometries of the islands.

On the other hand, the echo of this scenic-audiovisual poetics is not only projected live on the screens of each spectator but, in addition, Onvivo breaks the fourth wall in each house inviting the participating public to a virtual colloquium with the two actresses and director.

Actresses Marta Viera and Ruth Sánchez perform ‘Nacer en el mar’, the first montage


In this sense, one of the premises of Onvivo is to articulate itself as a platform for citizen participation that promotes dialogue and collective reflection -which formed the founding principle of Laboratorio Galdós, the great previous project of Unahoramenos- in this framework of atomization and social distancing forced by Covid-19. In Vega’s words, it is about “a new way of cultural communication through networks and its infinite possibilities”, but where the horizon is the same: excite, generate questions, participate as a society and think out loud, as Antonio Machado said. .

The planned virtual capacity is 50 spectators-users and the sale of tickets, at the price of 11 euros, is active at the address, where this platform is housed, which demolishes the confines of space to film the present time of the theatrical performance, as Vega announces before raising the curtain: “Everything that happens from now on is strictly live. Action!”.


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