Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Only one in two freelancers will go on vacation this summer and four other economic news


1. So are the "holidays" of a self-employed: only one in two rest this summer, mostly eight days. 51.3% will not go on vacation this summer, of this group the majority (39.8%) affirm that they will not enjoy this "luxury" throughout the year by 11.5% who says he will go on vacation but outside the summer period.

2. Brussels improves by two tenths the forecast for Spain to 2.3% and maintains 1.9% for 2020. Spain, however, will be among the countries that will grow more than expected this year and next, as Brussels foresees an improvement of two tenths for this year, up to 2.3%, and maintains the forecast for 2020 by 1.9%, which should allow a decrease in unemployment.

3. Marta Álvarez, elected new president of El Corte Inglés unanimously. The script was fulfilled perfectly. The board of directors of El Corte Inglés has unanimously given the green light at the meeting held on Wednesday the appointment as president of Marta Álvarez Guil. In addition, continuity has been decided as CEOs of Jesús Nuño de la Rosa and Víctor del Pozo.

4. The Government prepares a standard to "flexibilize" the VET model and create up to 300,000 new places. The Director General of Vocational Training, Clara Sanz, announced today that the Government in office prepares a new law that will make the current VET model more flexible and that is already being launched as a "pilot experience". As indicated, the aim of the initiative is "to create between 250,000 and 300,000 new places in the next four years", as well as to promote "on-demand training" that benefits both companies and students.

5. Técnicas Reunidas is awarded contracts in Saudi Arabia for an amount of 2,677 million euros. Técnicas Reunidas has made several contracts in Saudi Arabia for the reception, storage and compression of gas and the recovery and fractionation of liquefied natural gas in the new Saudi Aramco plant in Tanajib, owned by the Saudi Arabian state oil company Saudi Aramco.

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