Only one in four Spaniards save for their pension

Only one in four Spaniards save for their pension

With the incognito of until when the purchasing power of new retirees can be adjusted With the cost of living, more and more workers are considering supplementing their future pensions by scratching their pockets even more. However, private savings regardless of the future payroll paid by Social Security is still an exception in Spain despite the continuous warnings from experts and successive governments that, on the other hand, do not just legislate to favor these private pension plans. In fact, just one in four Spaniards save for retirement, 26.5%, according to the latest Retirement Preparation Study prepared by Aegon. The analysis is divided between workers with jobs that require physical activity and those with "sedentary" jobs. A) Yes, 28% of workers with non-physical activities save for retirement by 25% of "physical" workers who supplement their future pension on their own.

Within this professional classification are miners, construction officials, farmers, military personnel and cleaning workers, as well as other risk professions such as firemen and police. Compared to 31% of the global average, 28% of Spaniards consider themselves a physical worker. Among the respondents, the profile of the physical worker is that of a man with an average of 40 years. With regard to the level of studies, 42% of Spanish physical workers have basic studies, compared with 64% of non-physical employees, who have university training.

44% of Spaniards with "sedentary" jobs believe that their income during retirement will depend on 44% of the Government and 32% of their savings, a percentage similar to that of workers with physical jobs (43% -31%) .


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