only five films directed by women in the Official Selection

The Malaga Festival celebrates a quarter of a century this year. 25 years celebrating Spanish cinema and an anniversary that will be celebrated with a program full of important names, but also with a pending task, parity. It is true that in recent years it has focused on increasing the presence of female directors, but for now still far from a situation of equality. On this occasion, the Official Selection will only have five women within the 21 chosen films. 23.8% of the works in the most important section, the one that competes for the precious Biznaga de Oro. This percentage increases to 37.3% if one observes all the parallel sections such as Zonazine or documentaries.

The San Sebastián festival: "It is insane that they congratulate us for bringing five women, it is not something to be proud of"

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The five women in the official section are Carla Simón, with alcarras, which will be presented out of competition after winning the Golden Bear in Berlin; Alauda Ruiz de Azua, with Five Little Wolves; Nelly Reguera, with the volunteer; Maria Ripoll, with We will not kill each other with guns; and Beatriz Sanchis with The Giants. These last four will fight for a Biznaga de Oro that they won last year the belly of the sea, by Agustí Villaronga; and the previous the girlsby Pilar Palomero.

They will compete with directors such as Imanol Uribe, who will premiere they arrived at nightand former winners of the contest, such as Daniel Guzmán, who returns with Scoundrels, a neighborhood comedy in which he has been immersed for seven years. They can also be seen The Turtle Maneuver, The top or My emptiness and me. Netflix will also be represented with crystal girls, new work by Jota Linares, who was already in Malaga with Who would you take to a desert island. The inauguration of the Malaga Festival will be given by Jorge Coira and his political thriller, Emperor Code. Coira, one of the names of the Spanish audiovisual moment, will also present his new series, Rapa.

Of the 21 films in the Official Section, eight will be Latin American. These include titles that have been awarded in international competitions, such as utama, who will arrive in Malaga after his triumph at Sundance; or the new from Matías Bize, the director of In bedwho returns with Private messages.

As always, comedy will have an important place in Malaga. will be seen The test, by Dani of the Order; will be closed with full of graceby Roberto Bueso, and one of the most popular moments will be the presentation in a special screening of Camera Cafe, the film version of the Telecinco television phenomenon that more than 15 years after its first episode jumps to the big screen. The entire cast will be there to present this film directed by Ernesto Sevilla.

To make up for the lack of female directors in the Official Section, there will be a cycle dedicated to women's rights and the Ricardo Franco prize will be awarded to one of the pioneers of our industry, Sol Carnicero. She was the first production director of Spanish cinema and one of the essential figures in Luis García Berlanga's cinema. The rest of the honorary awards will go to Carlos Saura, Miguel Rellán, the Spanish cinema collective represented by the Film Academy and Los Javis, who will go to Malaga to collect their award for young talent.

For this 25th anniversary, 1,949 films have been presented, of which 641 have been directed by women. Of those almost 2,000 works, 185 have been selected for the different sections and 69 are from directors. In addition, a new section of premieres where you can see works seen in competitions such as Venice. The new titles by John Madden, Stephan Brizé or Mario Martone will pass through there to blow the whistle of this quarter century that shows that there is still much to be done.

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