Only 5% of Spaniards believe that they pay few taxes | Economy

Only 5% of Spaniards believe that they pay few taxes | Economy

Almost six out of ten Spaniards think that many taxes are paid in Spain. Specifically, he believes it 57.4%, according to the Center for Sociological Research. As it is usual for Spaniards to think like that for the most part, it is also true that this percentage has been reduced in recent years and is the lowest since 2011.

Fewer people think that the Treasury is paid little. Hardly believe it 4.9%. Between them there is a 32.1% who think that they do not pay much or little but the "regular".

In the sociological study, respondents are also asked to compare themselves with the rest of Europe. In this case, it is shown that Spaniards do not know the statistics of the European Union, since 34.1% believe that they pay more than in the continent. This percentage is 12 points higher than those who think it is the other way around.

The opinion of the latter is in line with what the Eurostat data show, which shows that the fiscal pressure in Spain, equivalent to 33.9% in 2016, is 7.2 percentage points below the average for the euro area. .

The CIS also asks about the underground economy and fraud. The vast majority think it is widespread: 94.6% believe that in Spain there is a lot or a lot of fraud. The majority of citizens also think that the Administration does not do everything possible to fight against this fraud. 63% think that little or little is done to avoid it. And this occurs in a society that believes, in a lower percentage, 57.4%, which pays a lot to the Treasury.

This last data is the lowest in the last seven years, and it moves away from the maximum touched in recent years, in 2004, when it touched 60%. The study of public opinion and fiscal policy also shows that Spaniards do not believe that taxes are being collected, 87.6%.

There is also a lot of discontent about the management of the pension system, 70% are little or not satisfied with this. And, at the same time, a close percentage, 69.8%, thinks that little money is dedicated to Social Security. This response comes after years in which the foresight institute has had a growing deficit, which last year reached 19,000 million.

Nor are the Spaniards happy with the management of justice. 76% of respondents consider it unsatisfactory. Negative responses also surpass positive ones when questioned by education, although the number of those who judge it negative is lower than in the case of pensions and justice. 47.7% believe that the management is little or nothing satisfactory. Those satisfied reach 43.1%. The others either do not know or do not answer.

The situation is reversed when asked about Health. In this case, those satisfied with the management of the health service is 53.4%.


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