January 27, 2021

Only 5.7% have so far refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Catalonia

The first available data on the population that refuses to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Catalonia are positive, according to the Department of Health. Just over ten days after the start of the campaign, the Generalitat has registered 5.7% of people who have refused to undergo the injection. The percentage includes all those who had indicated vaccination until now, that is, users and workers in nursing homes and health workers in those hospitals and Primary Care centers in which immunization has already begun.

Catalonia detects a first case of the British variant of the coronavirus

Catalonia detects a first case of the British variant of the coronavirus

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Jacobo Mendioroz, deputy general director general deputy director of Surveillance and Emergency Response of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, has considered this percentage “logical” since the campaign has just started, and has trusted that it will decrease as it progresses . In fact, he has specified that in the first days it was close to 10%. “It has been going down as people see that there really is no special cause for concern,” he explained, and predicted that it will continue to do so until it drops to an “anecdotal” percentage.

Mendioroz has championed the safety of vaccines such as that from Pfizer / BioNTech and contributed a study of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States government that verifies that only eleven cases of serious allergic reactions have been detected for every million doses administered. “In addition, none have had a fatal outcome,” he asserted.

The Department of Health has ensured that, after a first week of idling vaccinations, they are already reaching the desired speed in terms of immunizations. At the moment they have made 24,114, 3,271 of them during the Three Kings Day. The acceleration of the campaign is also explained because the Generalitat decided on Monday to start vaccinating toilets in parallel to users and workers in residences.

Although the initial objective was to vaccinate 100% of the residences in the first two weeks –that is, before the next day 10–, at the moment it has only been possible to carry the vaccine to 20% of these centers.


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