Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

Only 15% of large companies have the mandatory equality plan

Although for more than a decade the companies with a template more than 250 workers have the obligation of having a equality plan, only 15% have it, according to the count made by UGT. On June 30 of this year, Cristina Antoñanzas, deputy secretary general of the union, denounced the percentage of large companies that have registered with the Ministry of Job Its equality plan barely reaches 8%. In Catalunya, only 5% of companies with more than 250 have incorporated the plan into the aforementioned registry, compared to 9% in Madrid or 14% in Galicia.

"We are facing the symbolic compliance of a law that was passed in the first instance in 2007," said Antoñanzas, while claiming the mandatory regulatory development for the extension of the regulations passed last March by decree law.


“There is a symbolic compliance” of the law on equal treatment and opportunities at work, UGT denounces

Said regulation, defended by the union headed by Pepe Álvarez, can help overcome part of the shortcomings faced by workers' representatives in this type of negotiations. Especially, they point out, when in three years, the obligation to establish specific programs to address equal treatment and opportunities between workers goes from affecting 4,800 large companies to the more than 30,000 who have a workforce that exceeds 50 workers.

"We need more means of support," the Deputy Secretary General claimed, while complaining that "many companies are making a 'copy and paste' of other companies' plans," driven above all by the additional assessment they reach in the competitions public

This Monday UGT presented a campaign to demand compliance with three basic lines, which have become the workhorse of the unions: the application of the minimum wage, the registration of working hours and the elaboration of an equality plan. "We are going to analyze these three rights, business by company, and that are not negotiable," said Gonzalo Pino, secretary of Trade Union Policy of UGT, on Monday.

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