Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

Online spending increases 13% during Christmas

It can't be denied. Most Spaniards love Christmas shopping. Nine out of ten buyers enjoy Christmas, as they have confessed in the survey conducted by Aecoc, the association that brings together the main manufacturers and
distributors in Spain, and whose conclusions have been reflected in the report How shopping habits change at Christmas .

That collective euphoria has given a surprise this year. In addition to the traditional increase in spending in proximity stores looking for the highest quality and delicacy, to the extent that the family budget allows, online purchases also grow. Specifically, weekly online spending increases in December by 13% for the purchase of food, beverages, perfumery and drugstore. And the average ticket for digital purchases for these items grows by 9% during this period.

Flagship product

Demand for “premium” Christmas packaged food rises 13%

The star products are fragrance cases, Christmas sweets, along with wines and sparkling wines, followed by alcoholic beverages, coffee, makeup and delicatessen. But are not the only ones. It also triggers, 13%, online spending on packaged food, especially premium products and easy to prepare. “The comfort and high range of products available are two of the most decisive reasons for buying at Christmas, and that favors digital stores, especially in the sale of high quality and packaged products. However, users continue to prioritize the physical establishments for the consumption of fresh foods, whose spending grows by 26% during this campaign, without the online channel having hardly any impact, ”notes the commercial and marketing strategy manager at Aecoc, Pedrosa Rosary Indeed, buying at the store next door is still the preferred option. According to Aecoc, the investment in premium packaged food in physical stores has risen by 16%. From La Sirena, a chain specialized in frozen products, they also confirm the great demand of its special Christmas line. "People, increasingly, want to solve family dinners without spending hours and hours in the kitchen," says Jorge Benlloch, CEO of La Sirena.

And, despite the effort that all distributors are making to offer faster and faster delivery of food at home, the online continues to be a very minor channel: only 2.4% of consumers have digital as their channel of usual purchase for consumer products, according to the latest Shopper barometer from Aecoc. Very far from the supermarket (first option for 66%), the great discount (14%), the hypermarket (14%) and the traditional stores (5%).

More informed

76% of shoppers are informed and compare prices at Christmas

On the other hand, Christmas also affects pre-purchase consultations. 76% say they are informed, while the rest of the year only 49%. The recommendations of family and friends are the fastest growing channel (from 11% to 34%). The reading of brochures goes from 34% to 46%, while the search on websites rises from 14% to 20% and on social networks, from 3% to 14% in the Christmas campaign.

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