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At Christmas the expenses multiply with respect to any other time of the year: Christmas dinners, family events, gifts for children, leisure plans ... Our pocketbook suffers greatly during these dates. But there are families who are living a 'meanwhile' and who have to juggle to get around this time of year and who surely cannot make plans as a family that involve a large outlay.

But there are many plans that can be done with a small budget, for this we will only need an internet connection and have a Tablet or smartphone. In addition, Vodafone wants to be with those families who are spending a 'meanwhile' with their social rates. The Conectad @ s Rate is designed for people over 30 who are beneficiaries of the Minimum Living Income. For 10 euros per month, this rate includes 5G navigation up to 15GB and unlimited calls. Another option is the Conectad @ s + internet Rate, which includes mobile and internet, with accumulative 15GB and unlimited calls for 25 euros per month.

Now that you can access the internet, we propose different plans to do as a family this Christmas and without leaving home. They will only need an internet connection!

Table games on-line

If you don't have any board games at hand to have fun with your family, don't worry, there are applications with many types of games.
They only need their mobile or tablet and they can have a fun time playing the classic Parcheesi, Monopoly, the UNO card game, word games or the fashion game, Among Us.
Have you already decided which one to start with?

Escape Room online

Escape Rooms are collaborative games where ingenuity and logic are essential to solve clues, they are already available in a on-line to be able to do them without leaving home.
In addition to being very fun, they will help us to promote with our children values ​​such as teamwork.
In Mad Escape Room They offer different alternatives to embark on a unique adventure depending on the age of the little ones.

Christmas candy recipes 'healthy'

Who doesn't prefer a homemade sweet? We can spend time as a family cooking a Christmas dessert, yes, that has healthy ingredients.
On Instagram or the internet there are many recipes to choose the one that we like the most.
Would you like to try the nougat of three chocolates of @chefbosquet?
Or, do you dare better cook the Nutella brownie with Christmas shapes of @burpee_vet?

Popcorn and action!

At HBO they have a wide catalog of series and movies to enjoy with the family.
It's time to pop some popcorn and choose from all the available options.
The Harry Potter saga? Or, better Kung Fu Panda?

Write the letter to the Magi as a family

All the children are very excited when it is time to write the letter to the Three Wise Men and ask them for the gifts they want to leave them this year when they enter the fireplace.
Before, you had to look for a physical mailbox where you can deposit your letters to the East, but with the internet you no longer need it, the Three Wise Men have also been updated.
Now the letter It can be written on-line and they make sure it reaches its intended recipients.
But do not forget the day of Kings to leave water and roscón for Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar and their three camels.

The Vodafone rates They are designed for those people who currently have fewer resources so that they do not stop being connected while their situation improves and can continue to have, within the reach of a click or a call, the way to work their network of contacts and the possibility of find or generate new opportunities. Because, in addition, when contracting them, these rates provide free access to Udemy, leading training platform on-line, already Future Jobs Finder, an exclusive platform from Vodafone to guide in the job search.

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