September 23, 2020

OnePlus to re-launch cheap mobile phones this year – La Provincia

OneplusIt will turn its strategy to return to its origins and has announced thatwill launch during this year 2020 new models of low-cost devicesthat will also come to Europe.

This was stated by the CEO of the Chinese company,Pete lau, in an interview with the FastCompany portal in which he mentions the company’s work in“a more affordable product offering”that allows more people to have access to them.

Although it has not announced any news at the moment, OnePlus will present these new low-cost products soon inIndia, and, according to Lau, they will also reach other markets such as North America and Europe during this year 2020.

This supposesa change of strategy towards the origins of OnePlus, born seven years ago and that launched its first flagship ‘smartphone’ in 2014 with a price of 269 euros in Spain and high-end features.

Currently betting on high-end terminalslike the current oneOnePlus 8, presented in April, whose basic model is sold in Spain for709 euros, while the most complete version of the Pro reaches the1,009 euros.

“We are seeing that with current products, there is still demand from a broad consumer base for a more adequate price that allows more people to access OnePlus products,” said the brand’s CEO.

According to Lau, this decision is part of a broader strategy with which the Chinese company hopes to “build an ecosystem of products as a strategy for the future,” which aims to make it “broader” than the current one.


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