One year of state of alarm, in Out of Plan

The next March 14 one year since first state of alarm in Spain that led the country to a blunt lockdown. During this time, the pandemic has left thousands of people dead and infected, as well as mobility limitations and a collapsed economic situation. How this year has changed us is what he will address this week Out of plane.

With a report entitled 'We are not the same', the program analyzes the combination of the lack of freedoms with the need to preserve health, as well as the transformations that have taken place due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

This new installment of Out of plane also deals with all the news of the coronavirus after the perimeter closure of all the autonomous communities except the Canary Islands scheduled for Easter, a decision that will leave the islands without peninsular tourism in this holiday period.

In addition, it analyzes a new controversy that divides experts: the convenience of creating a Covid passport by alerting their detractors of a manifest discrimination between those vaccinated and those who are pending to receive the drug.

The program also addresses the difficulties faced by the high number of people on the islands suffering from the so-called persistent Covid, with consequences that persist for months after the contagion.

The economic health of this 2021 is another of the issues of the program given the high rates of unemployment and workers in ERTE in the Canary Islands together with the business pessimism that derives from the fact that 49% of companies on the islands say that this year will be worse than 2020.

The program It will have a panel of experts on set formed by Beatriz González López-Valcárcel, professor of Economics at the ULPGC and adviser to the Government on the pandemic; Amós García Rojas, Head of Epidemiology of the Government of the Canary Islands; Javier Gállego, sociologist; and the economist José Miguel González.


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