One of the three analyzes ruled out food contamination in the Riff, after 31 people were poisoned | Society

The results of the microbiological analysis from crops with food samples collected at the Riff restaurant in Valencia have not found any contamination, according to this newspaper. The analysis was requested by the Ministry of Health, as usual in these procedures, after the poisoning a month ago of 31 clients and the death of a woman after having eaten at the establishment that has a Michelin star. The epidemiological study, based on interviews with all those affected, suggests that the mushrooms (morels), of Chinese origin, that were served in the tasting menu could have caused the poisoning, although it is not conclusive when based on probabilistic.

Missing the third report, considered more conclusive, that the Ministry of Health asked the National Institute of Toxicology, located in Madrid. The results will be sent to the number 1 court of Valencia that is investigating the case.

All clients presented a mild prognosis, with vomiting that remitted shortly, with the exception of a 46-year-old woman who died at dawn on February 17. According to him preliminary report of the autopsy, The woman, who attended the meal in the company of her husband and son, could die drowned by clogging the airway while having a violent episode of vomiting in which she lost consciousness. The hypothesis that the woman suffered a condition that, in combination with mild intoxication, caused a much more virulent reaction of vomiting is considered.

For its part, the Riff restaurant in Valencia will reopen its doors tomorrow. Sources of the restaurant have informed to Efe that as of tomorrow "they will open with normality" - in the web already the corresponding reservations can be made -, and also they will do it Sunday and Monday, in full celebrations of Fallas.

The Riff closed its doors after the woman's death in the early hours of February 17, hours after having eaten in the restaurant with her family, who also suffered the symptoms of a possible food poisoning, from which they recovered.

The Ministry of Health then opened an investigation and technicians from this department of the Generalitat collected samples of the food, which were sent to the National Institute of Toxicology to determine what caused the poisoning and subsequent death of the client. So far it has not been possible to determine if the cause of the deadly poisoning in the restaurant were mushrooms, from China and served to the Riff by a company located in Castilla y León. During the investigation, 137 people who ate at the restaurant between 12 and 16 February were interviewed.

Regarding the results of the analyzed samples, health sources have informed Efe that they can not offer information about it since the case is being taken by the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Valencia.


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