One of the lava flows from the La Palma volcano flows into the sea

A wash of the Cumbre Vieja volcano is approaching a new point on the coast of La Palma, according to the images captured at around 11.00 this Saturday for the Canary Islands Volcano Institute (Involcan).

Lava flows under the mountain of La Laguna at a speed of approximately 1.3 kilometers per hour, according to experts.

Ecological Transition opens new catchment wells for the two portable desalination plants

The Ministry of Ecological Transition, Fight against Climate Change and Territorial Planning of the Government of the Canary Islands has started drilling works in new catchment funds to guarantee the necessary supply for the two portable desalination plants that have been installed in Puerto Naos. For this, it has also been decided to incorporate a reinforcement excavator that allows drilling in parallel in several wells and speeding up deadlines.

The regional councilor responsible for the Area, Jose Antonio Valbuena, has explained that the first catchment wells, made near the seafront of Puerto Naos, have not yielded the expected results as they are in a land with a lot of sand, quiet and other materials that make this work difficult. “For this reason, it has been decided to move the prospecting work to a more inland area that will allow us to find a more conducive and stable subsoil for drilling,” added Valbuena. In the same way, he pointed out that work shifts are being intensified to the maximum so that the supply of water to the plantations is a reality as soon as possible.

On the other hand, other necessary units have been completed, such as the pipes, the filling and emptying system for the tanker, the polyethylene pipes and the transformer installations to supply the 1.5 MW power required by the supply system. .

In this sense, the counselor wanted to highlight the difficulty of the work that is being carried out and the enormous effort being made by the technical team coordinated by his counsel to “to solve the inconveniences that arise in this process against the clock”.

“We have set ourselves a very complex objective, which is to start up in just a few weeks an installation that normally takes several months of work. We are aware that inconveniences will arise throughout the process, marked by the characteristics of the terrain and the volcanic phenomenon that takes place a few kilometers from the work, but we have to achieve the objective as soon as possible to guarantee the survival of the surrounding plantations “Valbuena said.

Binter suspends all its flights with La Palma

The latest evolution of the ash cloud from the volcanic eruption has forced thethe Binter company to the temporary stoppage of flights with La Palma today, as reported by the airline, which has been forced to make this decision due to force majeure, since in the last hours the situation of suspended ash has worsened considerably.

Through a statement, the company has announced that the stoppage of operations will continue until conditions improve and allow flying while guaranteeing safety. On the other hand, the company is responding through the usual channels to requests for changes or refunds that may be received from affected passengers on these flights.

From the airline they indicate that they are following the evolution of the situation at all times in contact with the aeronautical authorities, waiting to have confirmation that all the security conditions are met to resume normal operations.

Due to the exceptional and unprecedented situation that is being experienced, Binter will inform of any news or change that may occur, through its usual channels. In addition, the company recommends that before flying, the updated status of the flight is checked in the official Binter media.

This Saturday there are a total of 34 operations scheduled with La Palma Airport and this morning 16 flights have already been canceled due to the ash cloud. However, the Airport is still operating at the moment, according to Aena sources.


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