One of the employees who was photographed with the body of Maradona surrenders

A moment of the funeral procession of Diego Armando Maradona.

A moment of the funeral procession of Diego Armando Maradona.

Diego Antonio Molina, one of the funeral home employees who was photographed on Wednesday with the body of Diego Armando Maradona he turned himself in at a police station in a police investigation initiated both by the deceased's legal representatives and by the ex-wife and daughters of the ex-star.

Diego Antonio Molina appeared together with his lawyer at the Neighborhood Police Station 15A of the City Police, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita, in an ex officio investigation initiated by the Prosecutor's Office for alleged desecration of a corpse and violation of personal rights, both offenses, so the three involved cannot be detained.

Meanwhile, Claudio Fernández, another of those involved in this action, expressed himself in statements to Radio 10 and apologized: "We were accommodating before taking it and my son, like every kid, raised his thumb and there he took the picture."

As a result of these investigations, on Thursday night the search of the Pinier burial house had been stipulated, whose owners dissociated themselves from this action of their three employees.

The three former employees of the Funeral Home Sepelios Pinier, who worked with the corpse of the soccer star who died at age 60 on Wednesday, they were summoned to testify by the Criminal, Misconduct and Misdemeanor Prosecutor's Office Number 25.

The cause investigates the publication of photographs by employees with Maradona's body, some images that were taken before Maradona's body left for the Casa Rosada, where it was veiled, and went viral to go around the world on Thursday.

The original photographs show the lifeless body of Maradona, which has not been seen in any other way, since only the closed coffin remained at the wake.


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