July 25, 2021

One more day alive: Kapuscinski flies amid the chaos | Culture

One more day alive: Kapuscinski flies amid the chaos | Culture

The freedom of action, the singularity, the flight from the trite, the creative somersault with respect to genres and formats, is usually the best virtue of certain films. Although later their results do not finish convincing, although those same virtues of beginning, at last, they become the main one of their defects.


Address: Raúl de la Fuente, Damien Nenow.

Gender: Animation documentary Poland, Spain, 2018

Duration: 80 minutes

What are we left then? In which you have to value courage over your lameness. At least in the case of the animation documentary (the category already grinds as much as it fascinates) One more day with life, Hispanopolaca production directed by Raúl de la Fuente and Damien Nenow, inspired by the homonymous journalistic chronicle of the mythical reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski, and set in the Angolan War.

With the magnificent Waltz with Bashir as a referent, the work of De la Fuente and Nenow amplifies the narrative formula of the Israeli film by Ari Folman. If it was in animated format flash, very similar to the old rotoscopia, the slaughter of Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Chatila during the War of Lebanon, in 1982, with a slight final note with real images of the massacre, thus gauging its truth, and flying free in both format and in the narrative, One more day alive Take one more step Several more steps. Because it is mixing throughout the entire film the days of Kapuscinski in the Angolan chaos of 1975 and its civil war, reported in animated format, creating several layers through the CGI, and getting an effect halfway between the rotoscopia and the motion-capture, along with current interviews with the still alive protagonists of those events, to real images of the current Angola, shot ad hoc, and to photographs of some of the characters, completing in this way a certainly peculiar formal panorama.

That is his greatness, and perhaps also his shadow. Because the fusion of such different elements does not finish in the aesthetics, more like a mess than an organic whole. In addition, the statements of the characters now complete, yes, but also redundant, repeat information and unnecessarily reveal attitudes, interiors and subtexts that had already been clear with the animated parties, without a doubt the best. Especially when they leave the hagiography of Kapuscinski and exploit the lyric of a man trapped between his trade and his ideals, with cartoons of a beautiful onirism.


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