March 2, 2021

One man arrested for the death of a woman in San Fernando (Cádiz)

A 41-year-old man has been imprisoned on charges of killing a 60-year-old woman with whom he had a sporadic relationship and whose body was found on 3 June at the victim's home in San Fernando (Cádiz). , police sources have informed EFE.

Although at first it was thought that it was a natural death, later the investigations have verified that the woman, whose body was found days after the death, had died by asphyxia.

The investigators of the Judicial Police Brigade detained last Monday a 41-year-old man living in the San Pedro neighborhood of Puerto Real (Cádiz) for this homicide and also for gender violence.

The man had maintained a temporary relationship with the woman months ago.

Later the woman denounced him to the police, although he could not give very specific details about him, beyond his name and the area where he lived, since their relationship had been very punctual, according to police sources.

A month after the body was discovered, at the victim's home at 185 Calle Real, investigators have managed to collect the evidence that identifies the detainee as the author of the woman's death.

After being brought before the courts, San Fernando's investigative court No. 2, which instructed the case under the secrecy of a preliminary investigation, ordered his entry into prison.

It is the mortal victim number 1.005 of the sexist violence since the murders began to be registered in 2003, the Government has reported.

The Government Delegation for Gender Violence has confirmed that this homicide brings to 29 the number of murdered by their partners or ex-partners so far in 2019, in addition to the two cases that remain under investigation.

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