April 11, 2021

One in four euros spent in the supermarket go to Mercadona

One in four euros spent in the supermarket go to Mercadona

Mercadona strengthens its leadership and already hoards a quarter of the cake of the Spanish distribution. The company of Juan Roig increased its quota by eight tenths, until closing last year at 24.9%, according to the Balance of the distribution and the Great Consumption of Kantar Worldpanel. That is to say, One in four euros that Spanish consumers spent at the supermarket was at Mercadona. Carrefour maintains its second position in market share, with 8.4% of the business, 0.3 percentage points less than the previous year, while the DIA Group continues to be the third operator in the Spanish distribution (7.5%) , despite the fact that the deep crisis it is going through has led it to lose seven tenths of market share.

On the other hand, Lidl is already the second supermarket chain in number of buyers. 66.5% of Spanish households have ever bought during the past year in the German chain, thus surpassing Carrefour and DIA, with a penetration of 65.8% and 64.9%, respectively. In addition, Lidl managed to gain 0.5 points of quota until concentrating 4.8% of the value of the market. Mercadona also leads the market in this regard, with 91.2% penetration.

Regional supermarkets continued to grow until they accounted for 11.8% of the Spanish market in 2018 thanks to the "good image of fresh products" and their positioning as an intermediate point between traditional markets and modern distribution, according to the report. On the other hand, e-commerce continues its slow progress in the market. Reaches a 1.6% share of sales, earning 0.1 points compared to 2017, but being the only channel that adds buyers. However, it still remains far from the numbers of France (5.6%) and the United Kingdom (7.2%) due to the high number of stores in Spain and the difficulty in selling fresh products through electronic commerce in a country so linked to these products.


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