July 7, 2020

One in five married couples in Spain met through technology – La Provincia

ThetechnologyIt is increasingly extended to more areas of life and this also includes couple relationships, and last year 2019, one in five couples who married in Spain became known through the use of new technologies.

These new 21st century cupids include thesocial networks, chats, online games and dating apps, as collected by a study conducted by the wedding portal Bodas.net that has analyzed internationally how married couples are known.

Dating applications take on special prominence. Last year, one in eight couples (12%) married in Spain became known as ‘apps’ asTinder or Meetic.

With respect to what happens in other countries of the world, Spain stands at the average (11.9%) in the percentage of couples known through dating apps, behind Canada (27.3% ), United Kingdom (23.7%) or United States (22.6%), countries where this is more frequent.

Ahead of some countries

However, Spain’s results place it ahead in this aspect of other European and Latin American countries such as Italy (6.1%), Portugal (5.1%), Colombia (5%) and Mexico (5.6%) .

Regarding evolutionHow couples know each other today and how their parents met, has not changed so much in essence. ‘Through friends’ is still a third of couples who decide to take the plunge, although digital media often intervene to connect them, especially Facebook, Instagram and chat groups.

The newly married parents’ generationfrom the study of Bodas.net, which is currently around 60 years old, was known through friends (33%), in bars such as bars or discos (25%) or even from small (20%) through families or because they lived in the same population.

Although the first two modalities remain unchanged after 30 years, compared to the third, marrying someone you always know only happens in 8.5% of the time.


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