One hundred Japanese trucks will give a "boost" to the problem of garbage in Havana

The donation of one hundred garbage collection trucks by Japan to the province of Havana will be a "boost" to alleviate the prolonged problem of hygiene and image that the Cuban capital suffers due to the lack of means to collect waste.

In the Asian country the vehicle fleet is already being prepared, the shipment of which is part of a donation worth ten million dollars channeled through the Japanese cooperation agency (JICA) signed in 2017, according to the state newspaper Granma. .

From the provincial government of Havana has attributed the problem with the collection of garbage to the lack of containers and especially trucks, because of the 92 that are needed to effectively remove waste in the city only half works and the rest is broken.

The trucks, which will be supplied through the Somitomo corporation, are of the Hino brand and the collector accessory is manufactured by Jokutong, said Somitomo's deputy manager in Cuba, María Isabel Valdés, quoted by the newspaper.

The first phase of the three of those included in the project is scheduled for March 2019, although a group of Japanese specialists went to Havana earlier to gather information to prepare the vehicles according to the needs of the city.

The Granma information does not specify how many trucks will arrive in this first phase.

The agreement also includes "the supply of specific tools for the repair of equipment and spare parts for trucks", a fundamental aspect in Cuba, where vehicles and industrial machinery come to spend long periods stopped due to the lack of parts For your repair.

The Cuban authorities attribute that situation to the difficulties caused by the US embargo, which forces the island to resort to more distant markets, which delays the arrival of supplies to the Caribbean country.

The pressing problem of garbage collection in Havana is, together with the deterioration of buildings and infrastructure, one of the issues on which the national and provincial governments are focusing in order to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the city. the next year.

Last September, the state television broadcast a critical report about the situation in which he complained that "it seems that in Havana we had become accustomed to coexisting with garbage" and showed images of the accumulation of domestic waste and debris in different neighborhoods From the capital.

In the issue it was recalled that "the health authorities warn again and again of the need to improve hygiene measures", since the prolonged presence of garbage in the street, added to the high tropical temperatures, leads to soil contamination and waters and entails dangers to human health.


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