One hundred evacuees due to the fire in Las Hurdes

Neighbors yesterday following the evolution of the fire from Nuñomoral, where the evicted people were transferred at first. / Palm

The authorities of the Cáceres region affirm that “it is a long fire, there is time for the evacuated people to return to their homes”

Six towns have been evicted so far due to the forest fire that started yesterday in Ladrillar. A hundred people, according to the Minister of Agriculture, Begoña García, have had to be evacuated. A somewhat lower number than expected at first.

The evolution of the fire will cause the residents of Ladrillar, Cabezo, Riomalo de Arriba, Batuequilla, La Horcajada and Aceitunilla to take time to return to their homes. “It is a long fire and the people who are evacuated will want to return to their homes as soon as possible and that is understandable, but there is something that is above all else and that is safety. They will be when the means of extinction say that they can return and now there is time for that, ”said the counselor.

The evacuees went to two destinations, some were displaced to Montehermoso, of which some spent the night in the Las Minas hostel and others in the municipal pavilion hostel. There are also residents of these towns in Ciudad Rodrigo, in the province of Salamanca.

So far there has been no personal injury, according to the counselor. "Not in homes either, except in some corralón," García added in reference to the buildings that were reached by the flames in Cabezo.


For now, the flames have burned 2,500 hectares in the Las Hurdes region. This great fire has also jumped to Castilla y León. In Salamanca there are 100 hectares burned. In fact, in this province the population of Monsagro had to be evacuated this morning due to the proximity of the flames.

The orography of the terrain and the weather conditions, very hot and windy, are greatly complicating the extinction work, which will last for several days. For this reason, the minister has also informed that the operation is prepared for the immediate eviction of Las Mestas and Nuñomoral if necessary.

Means continue to be incorporated into the fight against the flames. The last to join have been air assets of the BRIF (forest fire brigades dependent on the Ministry of Ecological Transition) based in Tabuyo del Monte (León) and two helicopters from the BRIF of Pinofranqueado. In total, and together with the members of the UME (Military Emergency Unit) that arrived in Las Hurdes last night, there are more than 300 troops on the ground.

They are all being coordinated from the unified command post located in Vegas de Coria, from which they are in constant contact with the operation that is deployed in Castilla y León.


The fire started at four in the afternoon. The lightning of a dry storm that fell in the area of ​​El Cabezo, a rise in the land that separates the Ladrillar area from that of Nuñomoral and which has a large forest mass, was the cause of the first large forest fire of the summer.

In the first hours, the flames headed towards the province of Salamanca, where they came to enter. It was at that time that Ladrillar, Cabezo and Riomalo de Arriba had to be evacuated.

It was precisely in Cabezo where the most spectacular images were seen, since the flames reached some buildings.

However, as the afternoon passed, the wind changed direction and headed for the Nuñomoral farmhouses, forcing their eviction. The option of evacuating the residents of Rubiaco, another farmhouse in this municipality, was even considered, but it was ruled out. Even so, its inhabitants remained uneasy. “We are in the hands of time; They have told us to have everything ready because the fire can reach here, ”said José Luis Montero, a resident of this town, yesterday afternoon.

He wasn't the only one. The nervousness was palpable among the people who gathered in the streets. Both Nuñomoral and Rubiaco were on edge. At many times the flames were visible from the towns and the night was presumed long and dangerous. “I have two little girls and I am stressed; We don't know if the flames are going to reach the town with the wind," said Silvia Martín, a resident of Nuñomoral.

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