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If a very small girl, instead of playing with dolls, climbs the trees and in this case the tree of that distant spring is a very tall cherry tree and perched between the branches eats the green cherries still, it can be imagined that that girl He could boast with children his age of having scars on his knees as well. It may even be that when you come down from the trees a very unique life awaits you. But Elena Anaya he climbed safely through the branches of that cherry tree of his childhood, protected with a harness that his mother had prepared for him. Lying face up on the couch, a psychoanalyst not necessarily Argentine could create with this recurring image, which never leaves him, a psychological picture of this actress. Perhaps for her, life consists of an adventure in which one must imagine freely and safely among its branches of a tree eating a forbidden fruit.

Elena Anaya chooses the characters conscientiously. He has worked with the best directors. Woody Allen is the last one who has directed it

One afternoon of a walk in the mountains, his mother took the girl to the foot of a sick poplar in whose trunk there was a very large hole where a family of gnomes lived. The girl first saw the perfectly hung clothes. There they were all there, the father, the mother, the twin brothers, son and daughter, the beds, the table set with the dishes, the tools for woodworking, the fruits placed in the pantry. The girl's heart skipped a beat knowing that the trees were inhabited. The mother never revealed the secret to her, but when Elena went to Madrid, she was very young, ready to be an artist, and sent in a wooden box all the characters she had prepared for her child in the hollow of the tree trunk. With a note. "Elena, magic exists." And proof that he was right is the fact that nature has given this actress a green and a brown eye, one to say yes and another to say no, green to see life as she imagines and brown to really see it How is it.

He was born in Palencia in 1975, a very well finished product of an engineer and a teacher. Elena never got along with studies. He preferred to wash dishes and make beds in the student boarding house his mother had, but at the age of seven he had to replace a friend who was a sick child in the school theater The Postman of the King, from Tagore and at the end of the show he saw his father cheer excitedly and say loudly that she was his daughter. “I also got excited and that changed my life,” says Elena. The marriage separated, the father died young and since the age of 14 the mother was the only help, his accomplice and confidant, the one that took away from that teenager any obstacle along the way. I want to be an actress. Of course. I want to go to Madrid. I go with you. His mother was always at the foot of the cherry tree with the harness, always ready to fill the forest of his dreams with gnomes.

The same week he was going to take the entrance exams at the School of Dramatic Arts for the second time, with 19 years old, Alfonso Ungría called her to work on the film Africa. Elena Aniris ojoaya used her green gaze to say yes. He dropped out of school and put his life on his shoulder. Someone later offered him a job that disgusted him and used his brown gaze to say no. I thought they would never call her again. But Fernando León ten days later offered him a role for the film Family and since then the green and brown iris has been used by this meticulous actress to choose jobs and directors. When Elena achieved the best actress goya for her formidable work in The Skin I Live In, by Pedro Almodóvar, who consecrated her as one of the most beautiful and unique actresses, was sitting next to her mother. Wasn't that party like that cherry tree of his childhood? Hearing her name, the actress raised her bicolor gaze, but not to heaven like everyone else, but perhaps to the highest branch of that cherry tree where she was climbing as a child, now ripened with ripe cherries.

Elena Anaya chooses the characters conscientiously. He has worked with the best directors. Woody Allen is the last one who has directed it in the film shot in San Sebastian, which will be released in September. Elena says of him: “He has a brutal capacity for work and concentration. His look is X-ray. It gives impeccable, accurate and sometimes so wild indications that you have to take a deep breath to be able to take the next shot. Never sit down during the hustle and bustle of shooting, just do it in the shots and only then take off your hat. He's really shy". Being an actress is about going to a place where you get to be the other and you disappear. When actress Elena Anaya returns from that place, life as she dreams of her will always be green and she will leave brown to see her as she is.


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