May 11, 2021

One death and 216 new cases of coronavirus in the Canary Islands

Covid data in the Canary Islands, April 6 Ministry of Health

By islands, Tenerife today adds 81 cases with a total of 20,228 accumulated cases and 2,316 epidemiologically active cases; Gran canaria It adds 117 cases and has 19,905 accumulated and 1,896 assets. Lanzarote adds 15 new cases with 4,691 accumulated and 87 epidemiologically active; Fuerteventura It has 2,106 accumulated cases with one more case than the previous day and 217 active. La Palma adds two new cases and has 483 accumulated and 22 active; El Hierro it does not add cases, so its accumulated are 300 and it does not have active cases. By last, La Gomera Nor does it add new cases, so its accumulated remain at 225 and three assets.

To date, a total of 978,071 have been carried out PCR tests in the Islands, of which 3,398 correspond to the last 24 hours.


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