May 16, 2021

One dead and two policemen injured during a day against the reelection of Evo Morales

One dead and two policemen injured during a day against the reelection of Evo Morales

A woman died and two police officers were injured in different incidents during the day of protest that Bolivia lived today by groups calling for the disqualification of the candidacy of the country's president, Evo Morales.

The 56-year-old woman was trying to defend another during a brawl with civic activists opposed to the re-election of the ruler, in the Amazonian city of Riberalta, according to a report given to the media by the Minister of Government (Interior) of Bolivia, Carlos Romero.

"Unfortunately at that time they proceed to attack her, there would have been a shove, the person falls, hits his head and after a few minutes passes away," Romero said in time to identify the woman as Suleydi Estívariz.

The incident took place this Wednesday morning when "shock groups" of Riberalta, in charge of the civic movements, established surveillance circuits for businesses and public entities to comply with a national civic strike, he added.

In a message on Twitter, President Evo Morales lamented the death of the woman and expressed her condolences "to her family and the people of the Riberalte."

Some of the most tense episodes occurred late in the afternoon in La Paz, the administrative capital of the country, between protesters and the police at the doors of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia.

Opposing groups demanding the disqualification of Morales' candidacy threw "blunt objects", including stones, sticks and paint, on the façade of the electoral body and two policemen were injured, according to a police report.

"I have two wounded who have presented contusions on their faces," Eduardo Riverra, the commander of the Bolivian Police in La Paz, told Efe. He also said that the state of gravity of the soldiers is being assessed.

The clash of the demonstrators with the police occurred hours after the arrival, after five days of travel, of a couple of protest marches that left for La Paz last weekend from different parts of the country.

The marches vindicated the referendum of February 2016 that denied the possibility to the agent to appear to future elections, although a Constitutional Court ruling in 2017 enabled it for an indefinite re-election.

The entrance of the electoral court ended with paint and egg stains, which were thrown, and a lot of garbage that was used by the mobilized of the surrounding containers.

"We are not afraid" or "join your people" were the harangues of the crowd that directed to the security forces, while the launching of objects did not cease.

The tens of protesters proposed a "permanent vigil" at the doors of the electoral body until the resolution that enabled the candidacy of Morales and that of his vice president, Álvaro García Linera, is revoked.

The vowels of the electoral body took that decision on Tuesday night, after six of its members, while two others voted against, consider that Morales is enabled thanks to the ruling in his favor of the Constitutional Court in 2017.

The two dissenting members valued that sentence and the referendum that disables it cause a legal clash.


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