February 26, 2021

One and a half million falls on Gran Canaria with La Primitiva – The Province

The finger of fortune points to the Canary Islands. Almost every week the lucky ones get a pinch in the raffles, but this time it is something else because with almost a million and a half euros from the draw of La Primitiva this Saturday, July 6, you can enjoy many holidays.

The municipality of Ingenio is chosen by chance to get the first prize of La Primitiva (6 hits) with the sale of a single ticket, equipped with 1,447,445.88 euros. The administration that has awarded this award is in the Carlos V Avenue, number 56 of Reedbed.

Second Category (5 hits + Complementary) there are five successful tickets. While in Special Category (6 hits + Reimbursement) there is no acertante ticket so with the generated pot that will be put into play in the next draw of La Primitiva, a single winner of First Category with Special Category could win 23,300,000, 00 euros

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