March 6, 2021

Oncologists detect more cases of pancreatic cancer but ignore the causes

Oncologists participating in the World Congress of Gastrointestinal Cancer in Barcelona have warned on Wednesday of the increase in pancreatic cancer among the population, which is a challenge in the coming years.

The president of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), Josep Tabernero, the oncologist of the Hospital Center of Luxembourg Mario Dicato and the head of the Digestive Oncology Unit of the University Hospital Gasthuisberg (Belgium), Eric Van Cutsem, have launched this warning in the course of a press conference convened on the occasion of the Congress.

Although oncologists are unaware of the causes of this increase in pancreatic cancer, Van Cutsem has said that they know that 7% of patients diagnosed have genetic causes and that this type of cancer can also be caused by tobacco, but that environmental causes They are not clear.

Van Cutsem has ensured that faced with the challenge presented by pancreatic cancer or gastrointestinal cancer, two of the deadliest at present, it is necessary to "apply the best practices and technologies of the moment".

According to data provided by these oncologists, extracted from the European Cancer Information System, of the 132,559 cases of pancreatic cancer per year, 128,045 patients die.

In addition to pancreatic cancer, Dicato has highlighted that thyroid cancer and lymphoma cancer are also suffering an increase of unknown origin.

The president of ESMO added that part of his responsibility is also to prevent cancer "to reduce those cancers that can be prevented or even diagnose them more and more, thinking about the best therapeutic options for the patient".

On the other hand, they have stressed that one of the things that must be discussed at the conference is communication with patients, given that in a survey conducted in 15 European countries, 74% of patients consulted in the United Kingdom they assured that their opinion was not taken into account.

The charts of the evolution of cancer in the United States exposed by experts show that stomach cancer has been reduced considerably, becoming a rare cancer, with similar figures in Europe.

By contrast, lung cancer is the most prominent until tobacco awareness campaigns began, with similar results in Europe ten years later, because the campaign was started later.

What draws attention, Dicato stressed, is that "the incidence of cancer in general is decreasing, although the number of people with cancer is increasing because the population is aging, with 50% more cases among people of 70 to young people. "

The Congress, which takes place in the city between July 3 and 6, is organized by ESMO, which is chaired by Dr. Tabernero, who is also director of the Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), in Barcelona.

In this congress, in which more than 23 sessions with new research are planned, multidisciplinary teams of gastroenterologists, oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, nurses, and even patients participate, because "the battle of cancer must be done together", according to Tabernero.

The congress has the participation of 78 experts, who will present themselves before 3,500 delegates from 98 countries, including Italy, Spain, the United States, France and Belgium.

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