Once upon a time there was a brand: do not tell it, develop it | Innovation

Telling a brand story was never so easy. It is possible to create it, make it grow and present it on a large number of platforms. However, brands can not have only a good narrative. Since Think with Google we share three basic principles to build a brand narrative more effective, useful and, above all, developed:

  • - Use the signals from the audience to be more relevant. See how the audience reacts to an ad and adapt it to their responses. A good example of this is the clicks they make on them.
  • - Use dynamic creations to reach more people. The fantasy of a personalized advertisement for each person has always hovered in the heads of advertisers. Now it is possible thanks to the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • - Go beyond the isolated spot. It's not about customizing an ad within one campaign and, later, another. The user must adapt the complete experience of a campaign, according to their actions and reactions. This is possible on video platforms such as YouTube, which allow you to build complex narratives with videos that continue the story where the previous one left it. Being shown only to those users who have seen it and making them interested in that development.

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