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It is not difficult to connect On wheels, debut as director of the veteran actor and sporadic screenwriter Franck Dubosc, with the thunderous success in 2011 of the French also Untouchable, dramatic comedy of Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano that, apart from causing two new versions (the American Upside and Argentina Inseparable), surely it has influenced the strengthening of a popular comedy that, starting from the disability of some of its protagonists, dares with a certain political incorrectness in its language and its behaviors, to later fold ties in pursuit of good feelings, sweetness and the delicacy.


Address: Franck Dubosc.

Interpreters: Franck Dubosc, Alexandra Lamy, Elsa Zylberstein, Gérard Darmon.

Gender: comedy. France, 2018

Duration: 107 minutes

And it's just in this sense where On wheels, despite the more than likely seed of Untouchable, It ends up looking like another great triumph of European popular cinema: that of the Spanish Champions As in the film by Javier Fesser, Dubosc, also protagonist, faces situations and antagonistic worlds: that of a mature professional flirt and compulsive liar that, as a miserable challenge, to end up in the bed of a caregiver of the sick poses as a person with reduced mobility and in a wheelchair. The fun of the month of an integral memo that, like Javier Gutiérrez de Champions, You will see how the situation is reversed when you meet the sister of the nurse, in a wheelchair because of obligation and not because of idiotic devotion.

With notes of certain blackness, but with very unequal situations in their comedy, On wheels he always plans from the very bottom for the dubious grace of the immense majority of his dialogues and, above all, because the development and the as unjust as forced redemption are coming without the possibility of surprise. Both in the story itself, as in the tone, which is derived in the corny, to culminate with the inevitable final technical resource of too many infamous films: a frozen plane with the mutual laughter of the protagonists.


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