On Wednesday begins the trial against Patrick Nogueira for the murder of his uncles and cousins ​​in Pioz (Guadalajara)

On Wednesday begins the trial against Patrick Nogueira for the murder of his uncles and cousins ​​in Pioz (Guadalajara)

As stated in the indictment of the prosecutor, picked up by Europa Press, he is charged with four crimes of murder for which remand permanent prison is requested.

The prosecutor requests the contribution and exhibition as documentary evidence of the photographic reports in digital format made by the Civil Guard, with photographs and videos taken during the practice of the ocular inspection of the place of the events, removal of the corpses, autopsies, collection of objets found in the place, and diligence of reconstruction of the facts, as well as reading the messages of WhatsApp between the defendant and MH, on August 17 with the display of the images contained therein as "so-called piece of sensitive content "

The prosecutor states that the original of the photographs in the case must be submitted, as well as the discs containing videographic photographic reports and the pieces of evidence and instruments of the crime in question.


As reported by the Public Ministry, the defendant arrived in Spain in March 2016 and during the period between April and July 9 of that year, he lived together with his uncle M.C.N. and his wife, J.S.A., and their minor children in a rented apartment in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

On July 9 the family moved to live in the town of Pioz (Guadalajara), fixing their residence in the villa of the Urbanization La Arboleda, and the defendant moved two days later to a house in the Madrid municipality of Alcalá de Henares.

On August 17, 2016, the accused, with the purpose of ending the life of his uncle, his wife and his cousins, went by bus to Pioz, where he arrived at around 4:00 p.m. He acquired a knife or razor whose characteristics do not appear to have been detached from the weapon after the events, but from which "one can affirm" that it was very sharp and with a width of more than 30 millimeters, garbage bags and sealing tape, which He carried in a backpack, as well as two pizzas.

Once there he walked to the urbanization La Arboleda, which is about 2 kilometers from the town and rang the doorbell, opening the door for his uncle's wife, who was in the same company with his two youngest children of age, that allowed him to accede to the house, given the condition of relative.

The Public Prosecutor explains that after a time that does not appear, after consuming the pizzas that the defendant had brought, his uncle's wife went to the kitchen to pick up the dishes and while he was in front of the sink with his hands busy washing the dishes, the accused, in a surprising way and without her being able to notice or repel the attack, cut her neck with the knife she carried "that caused her death".

Next, the accused addressed the two children, aged 4 and a year old, "who had just contemplated what happened to their mother and paralyzed with fear and because of their young age they had no chance of avoiding aggression", and with the knife he caused wounds in the neck that caused his death.

The defendant then, and with the intention of hiding the corpses, sectioned the body of his uncle's wife in half at the level of the lower abdominal floor, with pruning shears in the garden, and introduced each of the parts in a total of four plastic bags placed each inside the previous, to reinforce the wrapper, and closed with sealing tape.

In the same way, says the prosecutor, without proceeding to section them, he introduced the bodies of the children into four bags arranged in the same way that he proceeded to close with the American tape that had been carried in his backpack. After depositing the bags in the living room of the dwelling, he proceeded to clean the remains of blood and other vestiges that had remained as a result of the events described above and waited for the return to his uncle's home.

His uncle, MCN, who returned from work around 9.00 pm on the same day, entered the garden of the house and met his nephew, who was waiting for him on the porch of the house, and entered the house by the access door, entering the accused behind. Suddenly and unexpectedly, in the hallway next to the door to the house, the defendant attacked his uncle with the same intention of ending his life, giving him several cuts in the neck, causing a total of 14 injuries They caused his death, lying in the corridor.

With the same purpose of hiding his corpse, he sectioned the body completely at the level of the lower abdominal floor and introduced each of the parts into a total of four plastic bags placed inside the previous one, to reinforce the wrapping, and he closed them with the tape to seal.


Throughout the afternoon and evening, both while awaiting the return of his uncle and after killing him, the defendant kept messages on WhatsApp with a friend MH, who was in Brazil – against whom no judicial procedure is being pursued in Spain for these facts – in which the defendant asked him for advice, he told him what he was doing and sent him photographs of the corpses and himself bloodied, receiving from his interlocutor messages of encouragement and recommendations to get rid of the corpses

After cleaning the house and cleaning up, he proceeded to wait for the time to get the bus back, getting rid of the knife used to commit the deeds and other effects in different trash bins, so they have not been found.

About 21.45 hours on September 17, 2016, by a maintenance employee alerted the security guards of the company NCS SEGURIDAD SL, for the nauseating smell that emanated from the house. Once there they proceeded to knock on the door, without anyone answering, and proceeded to enter the plot, checking that the stench was stronger in the back and discovered several plastic bags deposited in the room surrounded by dead flies, giving notice immediately to the civil guard.


On September 20, two days after the discovery of the bodies, the defendant flew from Madrid to Rio de Janeiro, in order to evade justice and avoid arrest, although later on October 19 he was arrested after returning to Spain.

The cause of death of the four family members was due to hypovolemic shock from penetrating incisions in the neck.

The defendant must assume compensation of about 300,000 euros; 30,000 euros for the sister of the deceased; 150,000 euros for the mother of his uncle and 120,000 euros for the brothers of the deceased – 30,000 euros for each of the four brothers -.


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